JuiceFeasting 2010: Day 14

January 24th, 2010

As today is brought to a close, I think I did a bit better today with regards to cravings for foods, but it was still on my mind a lot. Last night, was the 3rd night in a row I had dreams about food.

I dreamt I went through a drive through at a local fast food place here called jack in the box (I used to eat there a lot when I was a kid), and I ordered (all for myself) 4 orders of large fries, 2 onion rings, 20 sandwiches (all the same, it was what I ordered as a kid), and 20 full pans of lasagna (which they don’t actually serve).

While I was watching them make it, after I had paid for it, I left moping because it wasn’t vegan. And I was so sad about it. Why do these foods I love have to be bad for me, the earth and animals? Then I started making a grocery list of stuff I have not eaten in years.

I woke up, and my first thought was, 16 more days left.

My mood was all over the map again. I couldn’t focus for the life of me, and I felt emotionally overloaded and numb.


  • 1 quart cantaloupe
  • 1 quart green apple kale
  • 4 oranges
  • 1 quart pineapple garlic (blah, turns out that hating pineapple also means I hate pineapple juice)


I walked at a quicker pace today for about 25 minutes.


All over the map all day long, but always unfocused and I am very intolerant right now of anything that messed with my sense of order.


I took zeolite two times, and b-12 once.

Bring on day 15! For each day gets me closer and closer to the end.

Adrienne :)

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