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Detox Update

Monday, March 10th, 2008

The last couple days of my detox I started feeling not so good. I stayed eating mostly raw food with just some cooked beans or lentils for a couple weeks before I went back to my normal vegan diet.

The Flu

It turns out the reason I was feeling so bad towards the end was a flu that hit this area pretty bad. It was very virulent and effect 9 of 13 people of programming department at work. It was not a typically flu. It knocked most people off their feet for over a week.

I usually don’t get sick. I may get one cold or flu a year and I often get over it very quickly. I am very ill for about 24 hours then it’s like it never happened. Well, this one hit me hard. Today is the first day I have my voice back. I have been talking in less then a squeak for over 5 weeks.

Does this have anything to do with the detox? Well, I don’t think I will ever know for sure, I may have been more predisposed to it since my body was in a repair mode instead of a fight mode, but I doubt that it has a very strong correlation.

Sleep changes

For the last couple months before the detox, I was sleeping a lot more then normal. At the beginning part of the detox, I was sleeping more then normal but not quite as bad. By about day 7, I was waking up feeling much better. I was hopping this would stick. Unfortunately with the flu I got, I immediately started sleeping 15-18 hours for 4 days straight. I then slept 12 hours a night for 3 weeks. I seem to be getting back in the flow. Last night I slept less then 3 hours, and while I am a little sluggish, I don’t feel like death which is a remarkable improvement.

I am going to focus on eating more salads and smoothies to see if I can keep this benefit.

Last effects of Detoxing

I really don’t feel any different. Part of this maybe because I am still getting over the flu which is why I waited so long to do this update. I do not feel any stronger, lost any weight, feel extra clear headed, or any more productive then usual. For the last couple months, my concentration has been in the dumps but I attributed this more to exhausted and spreading myself too thin.

My concentration is back to where it was months ago which I am appreciating.

I also found that I really enjoy eating smoothies every day. I used to eat them 3 or 4 times a week. But I really like them once or twice a day. I will probably do this even more in the summer.

To detox again or not to detox again?

Well, the people I was doing this with, we decided we would love to do this again; however, we want to do it in the summer were the cold chills wont be so bad and there is a lot more fresh fruit to eat.

Adrienne :)

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