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2009 Goal Update

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

2009 has officially come to a close. Every year, I set between 7 to 10 goals I would like to accomplish. 2009, I set 7 goals and accomplished 6 of them.

Since, I talk a lot about goals in this blog, I thought it might be helpful to show what my goals were last year. This also is nice interlude into my goals for 2010 to show where I am coming from and where I am going to.

Trying Raw

I did a 30 day trial of being raw back in March 2009 and blogged about it every day. I loved it! It was an amazing experience, way harder then being vegan, but way more rewarding in mental alertness and how I feel physically.

I stayed raw about 90 percent of the rest of the year until December where I did a lot of traveling. I tried being vegan and again I felt awful. And I am back to 100 percent raw and loving it again. Eating cooked vegan again (I ate about 50 percent raw on the trip) really showed me the contrast in how I felt.

Raw vegan so far seems to be the best way of eating . I have a new goal regarding this for 2010.


This is the goal I didn’t make. At the end of the year, I was 1.5 pounds more then I wanted to be at the end of the year. Well, the good news is I lost most the weight I wanted to, but I didn’t quite hit the mark I was going for.

The good news is I learned a lot and that knowledge I am going to apply in 2010 to help me accomplish a slightly bigger goal this year.

This is another goal that will be carried forward into 2010.

Quit my job

In January 2009, I quit my job. I had been there for more then 5 years and I needed a change. It took a lot backbone and facing my fears to do this. I didn’t blog much about it except to say I did it.

I still am working on creating my life in wake of this giant step forward in my life. I feel like I am still on shaky ground, but I am moving forward attempting to create income sources I love.

This is probably one of the most scary things I have done. You know all this nonsense about facing your fears I spout off from time to time? Well, it turns out, I do actually try and live what I write :)

I have major fears of living without income and a steady job, and they are fears I really need to face and move on towards a new reality. I LOVE having more control over my time. To be able to write when I want, sleep when I want, see my friends when I want, spend days immersed in a new subject, and have the freedom to allocate my time to where I think it makes the most difference.

Write a complete book

I wrote the 3rd book in a supernatural series I write. It is about 80,000 words. It needs to be edited still, but it got written!

One of the things I tried to help me write the book, was participating in NaNoWriMo. This turned out to be a great idea, I loved it and wrote about it a few times.

Now, I need to figure out what to do with these books I have written…

I have quite a few writing goals on the list for 2010.

Edit 2 books

I edited book 1 and book 2 in a series I write. The second book needs another editing pass, but 1 is getting to be in decent shape.

Each book is about 80,000 to 86,000 words. I had had this on my plate to do for over a year before 2009 started, and I decided it was time to just do it! So I did.

I counted this as 2 goals this year. Some years I would have counted them together as one goal, but I had major life changes going on and it felt better to separate them so I could better keep track.

Launch a creative writing blog

I officially launched The Dog Said which is my creative writing blog. All I have posted to this point are some humorous real life stories and poems.

I have wanted a way to share some of what I write, but my nonfiction blog did not seem quite appropriate. I completed this a few months ago. I had been wanting to do this for a while, but never felt ready to share my fiction work with the world. I am getting there, and the blog is a big start.

This goal is part of me facing my fear that I suck as a writer. I have gotten quite a few positive feedback emails especially for Having a Friend Over and Math.

While this specific goal will not be carried over to 2010, another goal that encompasses it will be.

So, in rolls 2010 and I have a new set of goals that builds on these and tackles a couple new projects. I will be posting those tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2009 and is looking forward to 2010 with vigor and passion!

Adrienne :)

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