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25 random things

Friday, February 6th, 2009

My Auntie tagged me to do this, and I thought it would be fun.

  1. I quit a great job (well great as far as jobs go) at ADP.  I had a Fabulous boss, great friends, and cool projects.
  2. My favorite movies are Princess bride, A&E pride and prejudice, and Disney’s beauty and the beast.
  3. I love dancing to pop music.
  4. I cant dance for shit.  I look like a neurotic squirrel, but i have fun and that is what matters.
  5. I love to program, and can be given a programming book and be writing in the language within a few minutes and whole work programs within a couple days.
  6. I love to read.  I typically read 2 to 3 books a week.  My favorite genres are supernatural fiction, sci-fi, and comedy.  However, i really only like books in a series, stand alone books can be good, but i dont enjoy them as much as picking up a new book in a series and finding an old friend.
  7. I love to write.  I have written 2 complete books and am working on the 3rd in the series.
  8. I just bought a new macbook pro.  I am a windows and linux geek, so i get to learn a new OS.  Seems awesome tho so far.  I am particularly interested in running linux on here and windows. So much new stuff to learn.  It is awesome.
  9. I quote star trek almost every day.  I also quote famous poems or plays or books almost every day, and the only people who ever get the references are Bill (my old boss), my auntie, and my best friend.
  10. I love animals, i dont even kill spiders in my place.  I let them live in their corner or where ever.
  11. I know how to crochet and that is a little horrifying.
  12. I love math and science and space and geeky stuff.
  13. My indoor actives are usually pretty quite (unless i am playing an indoor sport), reading, computer, programming, games, video games, writing.
  14. My outdoor activities are pretty insane, extreme sports, playing sports, skipping in the grocery store parking lot and in the actual store, dancing, spinning around in circles, hiking, white water rafting, anything and everything.  There is very little i wont try.
  15. I laugh almost all day long.
  16. I am a person of extremes. I think life is best lived that way.  Heck, anyone can be average.
  17. I would love to learn how to build a green car and how build a house from the ground up.
  18. I would love to have a laboratory/work shop where i can invent things.  Mmm sounds like an idea for something in the future.
  19. I spend too much time on stumbleupon
  20. I love to learn and am curious about everything.  I true to spend most of my day learning or trying new things or getting better at new things.  Occasionally (esp when it comes to programming languages) it is nice to actually know something about what i am doing, but mostly, if i already know a ton about it, i am just not interested in it anymore.  The current things i want to learn are: more about raw foods, drawing, comedy, math and science behind the ZPM theory (energy from a vacuum), fitness, and 100s more.
  21. I dont really get bored.  I have my imagination to keep me entertained and i can sit and think or pace and think for a quite a while.  I almost always have a book, a computer, or something else with me.  I can code in my head, write in my head, or just be happy day dreaming.
  22. I an adventurer.  I love to hike, backpack around.  I want to travel for world for a few years, meet new people, experience new cultures, do amazing things.  My friends and i are actually doing this.  We quit our jobs and are heading off for places unknown, where the road takes us.  We think we will hike around CA and head off for Costa Rica then just travel around to where we want to go.  We plan to work from the road and plan as we go.  It will be amazing.  And yes, i will blog about it.
  23. I am a vegan a very happy vegan.
  24. I love to play in the rain.  I still go out and jump in puddles, run, play, slip and slide, and take long walks in the rain.
  25. I am very introverted, but most people think i am very extroverted.  It takes alot for me to act like an extrovert.  I enjoy it, but i need my quite time.

Adrienne :)

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