I found that lots of people are always asking me, what I am doing, why I am doing it, and how all my life experiments are turning out. Though I don’t play with life the way Dr. Frankenstein did, I play with life’s experiences.

What can you expect to find here?

Well all sorts of things. Mostly my pages fall into 3 types of pages.

- A standalone article on something, I read, see, or experiences, that I feel I have something beneficial to share.

- A series (my most popular type). Often these are the experiments I am working on. I decided to try something, anything from not eating meat, astral projection, polyphasic sleep, building my own desktop, switching to Linux, learning to scuba dive, anything and everything. I often set a time limit on them if appropriate. For example, I plan on trying out the vegan life style. Trying this for a month is not such a big deal, at the end of the month I will see if I want to implement it into my life. Often series of these type of a clear beginning and end as I try it and chose to implement it into my life or not. Hey, if I was not an experimental I would not be a computer programmer- Webmaster – geek – adventurer – write who is into the arcane and runs as a volunteer EMT to save to world (or at least help those in my community). Arcane = anything that does not fit into main stream society like astral projection.

- A collection of articles all on the similar subjects but are not part of series.

My goal?

To learn, to laugh, and to live and show others to do the same. To show people that life is not a scary undertaking to hide from, but an adventure to be lived. I also do not promote things I don’t believe in. I believe everything I do should be for the greater good the all people, so that means I wont take bribes to say what people want me to say. At least, that means my information is as accurate as I know it.

How does all this work?

Click on something that interests you and find out.

If you want to read something a little more laid back and fun.  Take a look at my create writing page – The Dog Said.

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