JuiceFeasting 2010: Day 15

Today is the half way mark! Day 15. Notice how my original 100 day idea cut down to 30 days pretty quick :D

Why I went from 100 to 30 days

My decision to cut down the amount of days is two fold.
1. A lot of things popped up in my life. I did not plan to be so unfocused either. I am having trouble doing anything even reading. I am having troubles with very simple tasks and I can’t continue to have this issue.
2. It also looks like I will be moving within a month, at least a 1000 miles from where I am now. This means I have to work hard and be focused. Two things I am struggling with on juice feasting. I would also like to have some goodbye dinners with friends.
3. I have also thought about stopping earlier and considering this goal complete. Maybe doing some weekend juice feast because of the juice feasting protocol to stopping.

The founders of juicefeasting.com give this list of times to stop juice feasting:

1. If your heart is not in it, has not been for 3-5 days or more, and you are definitely about to eat something.

2. You have no guidance from a health professional, and/or are Feasting with feelings of fear.

3. You are not drinking enough juice or the right juice to provide your body with all the calories it requires, and do not feel that you can maintain the discipline of doing so.

4. Your weight hit 10% below your ideal, and by virtue of drinking 5-8 quarts of juice per day with increased superfoods, has risen back steadily over at least 4-10 days.

5. Your weight has hit 10% below your ideal, and has continued to trend downwards. You are feeling hungry, and are not feeling compelled (which is totally cool) to drink 5-8 quarts of juice per day to increase bodyweight.

6. You have reached 92 Days of Juice Feasting, and are ready to move back into eating, to Juice Feast more at a later date, once you have had a chance to regroup from this significant life event.

While most of these don’t describe me, 2 of them do, numbers 1 and 3.

With regards to number one, my heart is not in it anymore. I need a break and to come back with an a fresh start. Also, leading up to the juice feast, I was out of town and eating cooked vegan food with only about 50-60 percent raw. This was not the best way for me to go into it. Then I ended up travling on the juice feast, working, trying to write, and my physical activity cut down which my body does not like. But (this leads into number 2), I am not getting enough calories to support the workouts I am used to.

I think a major part of why my heart is not in it, is due to my being so unfocused. I am having trouble doing anything I enjoy like writing, swimming, working out, and even holding a simple conversation with a friend. Yesterday, a friend called me for help, and I could not focus enough to answer his questions.

With regards to number 2, I wonder if this is why juice feasting has become to hard for me. I went from eating an average of 2300 calories a day on my traveling diet(I workout almost every day, my 100 percent raw caloric intake is about 1900), to drinking about 1200 on a day where I actually managed to get in 4 juices. Many times, I am only getting in 3 juices which means I am probably averaging about 800 calories a day, which might explain why I am craving and thinking about food all the time.

To show what I mean, here is a standard day of what I drink, with the calories of the drink next to it. These numbers include the fiber which I don’t eat. I got the calorie info from calorieking

1 cantaloupe juice: 188
3 small green apple with 1 bunch dino kale juice: 452
1 watermelon juice: 185
4 stalks celery, 3 tomatoes, half bunch cilantro, half glove garlic, half cucumber: 120

Daily total: 945 calories if I was eating all the fiber.

As you can see, assuming I am getting 2/3 of those calories (which is a totally random guess on my part), I am only drinking 623 calories, which is no wonder I can’t focus or think and why I feel drained.

So a the high end, I am getting at most 945 calories a day, and more likely I am actually getting around 600 calories a day (since I only drink 3.5 juices). Either way, I see where part of my problem is.

I am wondering if maybe I need to be raw for another year and do work juices into my life more before I try this again. Maybe do some 1 week juice feast, find more juices I like. I know I am writing this and I am starving. I am dreaming about food every night, and it is the greasiest most caloric high food. Food is the first thing I think about when I get up and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. I obsess about it all day long.

I so loved being 100 percent raw because my I barely gave much thought to food. I planned recipes and such, but food was not the top thing on my mind 24/7.

Looking at my raw food diet, it seems ridiculously abundant with so many yummy foods. One of the things I have been craving a ton is my raw taco salad. It is lettuce, guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, and walnut “meat”. This is one of my favorite lunches to have (lunch is usual my big meal of the day).

I am soooooooooooooooo sick and tired of thinking about food.

Another food dream

For, I think the 4th or 5th night in a row, I have dreamed of food. I dreamt, I was pregnant (something I am terrified of because I don’t want kids probably ever but at least for the next 4 or 5 years) and you shouldn’t juice feast being pregnant (because of the toxins being released). All I was though was happy because that meant I could eat again!


Detox, except for cravings has not been hard at all. No headaches and no runny nose.

However, I have had very dry hands and skin. My teeth have felt very fuzzy. I have had to blow my nose maybe once or twice.

I don’t know weather being unfocused is a detox symptom or a symptom of too few calories, or from being all raw.

My emotions are also all over the place. One minute I am high as a kite, staring at a wall giggling, and the next I am pissed off for no reason. If I was in a white padded room, no one would doubt that I belong there :D

Another interesting thing is my juices actually tastes bad to me. Cantaloupe and watermelon juices being the only two that I like. My green apple kale that I loved before starting this, I have to torture myself to drink. I have tried other concoctions (some of which I have just thrown away) but I can’t seem to find drinks I like. I never liked juice, soda, or anything besides water growing up. I always said, I don‘t like things flavoring my water.

I tried changing the recipes of my juices thinking my taste buds were changing. I tried adding more sweet, less sweet, neither of which helped) and the only thing I found that helped was to cut the juice with water.

Right now, I am drinking a carrot, pear, spinach juice, and I am choking it down. My stomach is fighting it too. My stomach is not upset really, it is just not fighting me because it wants something with calories after the gym.


I have lost a total of 14.5 pounds since I started 15 days ago. This is down another 4.5 pounds since last week.

This week, I averaged about 40 minutes a day of walking.

I drank about 3.5 juices a day and really started pounding down the oranges by way off biting into their flesh and spitting out the fiber.

Food Cravings

As I mentioned earlier, my food cravings are out of control. I an craving anything that is high calories even if it stuff I would never eat. On raw and being vegan, I would smell and hamburger and thought it smelled horrible and dead, and now I smell it and I want it (even though I would never eat and it grosses me out).

In my dreams, I have actually made grocery lists of foods I need to buy, all of which are high in calories.


Some people have requested some of the juice recipes I use.. So here goes.

Green apple kale
3 green apples
1 bunch dino kale
cut with a bit of water if needed

Cantaloupe juice
Juice a whole cantaloupe including the green rind. I do trim the outside off.

Watermelon juice
I could only find seedless watermelons. Normally I would have used a normal seeded one. Juice about 4 cups of watermelon for a quart of juice. Some people juice the bright green on the outside, I don’t because I don’t feel that any amount of washing can get it clean enough for me to eat. I just trip off as little as possible of the bright green and I juice all the yummy pale rind!

Carrot, spinach, Fuji apples
10-13 carrots
3-4 cups spinach
1-2 Fuji apples

I like only 1 Fuji apple, or it is way too sweet for me, but other people I make it for really like the second apple in it.

Fuji apple orange
This is a favorite for everyone here but me (I don’t like sweet drinks)
3 Fuji apples
3 oranges

Red juice
1 beet plus beet greens
1/2 bunch dino kale
2 oranges
1 Fuji apple

The daily celery juice
about 4 stalks celery (usual I use half a head)
1/2 cucumber
3 tomatoes
1/2 large glove garlic
1/2 bunch celery

I also like the above juice omitting the celery and adding another tomato. I use that for variation sometimes.

Carrot, pear, spinach and other greens
10-13 carrots
1 pear (some people like it more sweet so they add a second pear)
2-3 cups of spinach and/or other salad greens (I like to use a mix of organic baby greens)

Pineapple garlic
I am told this is a wonderful juice.. If you like pineapple. Everyone here tried it and loved it.. It was just me who doesn’t like pineapple that didn’t like it.

Almost a whole pineapple
1-6 cloves garlic depending on how much you like garlic.

I only put 1 in, but I know people who like 6. I would start with one and taste test until you like it.

Strawberry pear
2-3 pears
strawberries to the 4 cup mark

I enjoyed the first few sips of this juice, but it was too sweet for me.

I remove the seeds from my apples and cantaloupe. Apple seeds are poisonous and while it is a small amount and won’t kill me, I figure why put something in my body when I am trying to get toxins out of my body.

I am publishing this in the middle of the day so I haven’t finished drinking yet, but this is what I have drunk so far

  • 1 quart carrot, pear, salad greens, spinach


I wanted to be warm today! So instead of doing an early morning walk outside, I went to the gym.

I have been avoiding the gym because of the new year crowds. But, I wanted to brave it today for the spa and steam room.

I stretched for 20 minutes, then swam for 30 minutes, sat in the spa for 20 minutes, then sat in the steam room for 15 minutes. It all felt incredibly wonderful.

I will probably go for another 30 minute walk later this afternoon.


My energy today is low. I did my laps slowly, I stared off into space unable to think about anything while I sat in the spa.

Apathy has been filling me a lot recently. Like I just don’t care, and I just want to be left alone. I don’t enjoy it, but it is better then being pissed off.


Have not taken any today. I plan to take my b-12 and zeolite.


A lot of people have asked via email or comments about the products I use. Here are some links. Mostly I link the cheapest best place I found them.

nut milk bag
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 15oz

I started this article intending to continue this juice feast, however, after looking at the criteria for breaking the feast and seeing where I am with calories, I am thinking it is time to break my feast and regroup. After a wonderful day at the gym, juice is not cutting it for me. I think my body is hungry for nourishment.

Adrienne :)

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  1. Good job at listening to your body and giving it what it was asking for!

    I’m on day 2, in heavy detox! It’s all good, the body is healing itself. Follow my progress at http://juicefeastingpdx.com. See you in 92!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Nice job on Day 2 Marcus. Thanks for reading. I wish you the best of luck with it. I am preparing to do it again myself. :)

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