JuiceFeasting 2010: Day 11

Day 11 has come on gone. I had the first mental food freak out today. It was not so much about not eating cooked “normal” food today, it was not being able to eat it for a year (for my goals for 2011). If the year is based on today, I will not make it.

I am not hungry or getting hunger pains. My mind today was obsessed with food. I wonder if this is a detox symptom? I made a map today of how I could hit every place I was craving food at. I had no intention of going, it was an odd sensation.

I will admit that I didn’t necessarily pick the best year to try this, but really, putting it off there would always be a reason. This year it is Costa Rica for two weeks, moving, lots and lots of trips (this one I think will be the hardest). I am going to try, but really, what I am going for is healthy. Last year after the raw trial in march, I managed 100 percent raw about 29-30 days a month. I can live with that right now.

I think the important thing for me is to keep moving in the right direction. I knew this would be a stretch goal, and I am going to try, (I try and do at least 1 stretch goal a year).


  • 1 pint watermelon
  • 1 quart watermelon
  • 1 quart green apple kale
  • 1 quart pineapple, baby salad green, celery, ginger, dandelion greens (yuck, blah, ick, nasty, gross.. And that does not begin to describe what I thought of this juice.. I think I like simpler juices better)
  • 1 quart cantaloupe

I tried to get a lot more greens in today and I succeeded I got about 1.5 pounds of greens in and some celery. However, I don’t like pineapple, and it turns out, that even adding things to it that I usually like, does mean I will start liking pineapple.

Also, ginger and pineapple don’t seem to complement each other well.


I took a 30 minute walk in the rain today. I loved it.


I worked on getting more supplements in today. I took zeolite, B-12, and kelp granules. I did not like what the kelp granules did to my juice. It made it gritty, like there was dirt in it. I will work on other ways of taking this.

Zeolite actually didn’t taste as bad as I expected. I put some drops in my mouth, switched it around, added water, and swallowed. Totaly easy and totally tolerable.

So, day 11 is done. I got 8.5 hours of sleep last night and it is way past my bed time!

Adrienne :)

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