JuiceFeasting 2010: Day 9

Day 9 = completed!!
Today was a busy day filled with grocery shopping, errands, and trying to get stuff done from being gone for so long and so many trips.


Today I drank:

  • 1 pint carrot, spinach, apple
  • 1 quart cantaloupe
  • 1 quart green apple kale
  • 1 quart celery, tomato, cilantro, garlic

I made a quart of carrot spinach apple juice yesterday and had some left over. I used two apples in it and it was way too sweet for me.

I am trying some new juices this week, so hopefully I will be mixing it up a bit soon!


A nice 30 minute walk in the rain. I really wanted to be out longer, but it was windy as well and it cut right through freezing me.


I added a new supplement today. I took about 1 teaspoon raw coconut oil. I just ate it from the spoon (this one of the suggested ways to consume it). It tasted very oily (I know, duh!) but it was palatable. I don’t think I could have eaten any more of though. It was too oily, I ended up choking the last bit of it down hoping I did not barf like I did on day one!

Coconut oil is the only supplement I did today. I am adding in them slowly so I can try and see what makes a noticeable difference – good or bad.

An interesting side effect today, my hands smelled like parmesan cheese. I have not eaten Parmesan cheese in years, but there my hands were smelling the beginning of non vegan alfredo sauce. My hands smelled like that a few hours but eventually dissipated.

Today, was another good day. When I look back, it is hard to believe it has been 9 days already, but also hard to believe I still have 83 days left. But one at a time, the days don’t seem so overwhelming. :)

Adrienne :)

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