JuiceFeasting 2010: Day 8

Today is Day 8 of juice feasting! I thought I would share some of my insights so far and some 1 week statistics.


This week, I have not experienced much detox. This might be because I have been on the road a lot. I have had a little bit of a runny nose here and there, but it is literally blow my nose once and I am clear again for hours and hours.

I have not had any headaches, rashes, or excessive sleepiness. I have been sleeping about 7 to 7.5 hours a night and wake up refreshed. Last night I was exhausted and fell asleep at 8pm for the night. I slept 10 hours. I attribute this to a day on the road and getting up at 4am yesterday morning.

My hands have been very dry, and they look like they have aged 20 years. I am putting some coconut oil on them to try and help them along. They got so bad while I was gone my knuckles were bleeding.

When I was one raw, I pretty quickly went into detox. I wonder if my body has other repairs it is trying to do first or, again, it is just the travel stress that pushed it back a few days.

Stats and stuff

I lost 9 pounds this week (WOW!).

Usually, I wake up and feel fine, but drinking a green juice makes me ungrounded, unfocused, and sometimes sleepy. Fruit juices have quite the opposite affect. About ten minutes after I drink a fruit juices (usually a melon juice), yawning stops and I feel wide awake and wonderful. I often use that time to go for a walk.

I manage to get in about half a head of celery and a little over 1 pound of leafy green veggies per day on average. I get most of my green leafy veggies from spinach, kale, beet greens, and cilantro. I have bought some baby green mixtures to try as well. I am going to look into some new juice recipes to try some new greens as well.

I am using about 60-70 percent organic produce. Organic produce I buy is:

  • Carrots
  • kale
  • beets
  • beet greens
  • spinach
  • baby greens

Non organic produce is:

  • apples
  • oranges
  • cantaloupe
  • watermelon
  • cilantro
  • celery

I read in my juice feasting research that it was most important to get get organic leafy greens over organic fruit if you have to choose.

Unfortunately, where I am right now, there is not an abundance of organic fruit anyway, but I do pickup what I can organically. I am looking into other places to try and up my organic produce intake.


I tend to be a very emotionally stable person. I don’t really get angry much. I tend more towards bouts of annoyance, and then I change the situation so I am not annoyed.

I find on juice feasting my emotions are even closer to the surface then when I am doing raw. Today, I got angry over someone taking my juice and drinking it when I was hungry and wanted it. Normally, I would have been slightly annoyed but I would have compensated. But I found, I got angry, then frustrated, and I had to deal with it before I could move on. Then it passed over.

I don’t think I am being moody or irritable at all. I find I am more expressive of things that bother me and things that bother me that I usually just grin and bare it, I no longer feel the need to do that. For example, I HATE when things are messy. But right now I live with some people who are far far far messier then I am. Normally, I try just to let it go, but I juicing it is just a constant source of aggravation.

On the bight side, I also enjoyed some sensations I have not enjoyed for years and years. I often stop and pet animals, but for the first time in years petting and playing with a puppy was a very joyful experience. I played with the puppy every day and my heart felt so good and light. Normally, I would have enjoyed the puppy, but not to this level. It felt wonderful to sit for an hour and pet the puppy. Normally, I would have wanted to get back to work or do something else, but I was happily immersed playing.


Melon juices seem to be the cheapest and are also my favorite juices! I am totally loving (and probably a bit obsessed with) watermelon and cantaloupe juice. I buy cantaloupe in bulk at Costco, 3 for 4.99. That makes 1 juice per cantaloupe. The only watermelon I could find right now is seedless, and it was 5.99. That made 4 juices.

Kale and beets are the most expensive things I buy at 2 dollars per bunch. There are 3 beets in a bunch. I buy dino kale (which is my favorite of the kales) and use about 1 head in my green apple kale juice.

In a week, I went through about 12 green apples and 12 Fuji apples. I bought those at Costco as well.

I also used 10 pounds of carrots (4.49$), almost one bag (3 large heads) of celery (2.99$), 24 tomatoes (11$), 3 cucumbers(4.99), and 1 pound of spinach (3.49$)

I spent about 80 bucks this week, but I still have some food left over. When I was a omnivore, I spent about 30 dollars per week on food. I ate things like 10 cent top raman, 1$ pasta roni, 1$ can of red sauce plus 1$ box of pasta (good for 4 meals!), etc. I still ate some salad stuff and banans, but I bought a lot of things when they were on sale.

Then I became a vegan, and my food cost went up to about 45 dollars a week. I thought this was crazy that I had to pay more when it really should cost less, but I could no longer eat top roman, Mac and cheese, and all the foods that typically went on sale for under a dollar and with an apple or a small salad made a very cheap meal.

As I cooked vegan, I bought things like brown rice, beans of all sorts, whole wheat pasta, fake meat, and vegan ice cream (which cost about 5 dollars for a pint, as supposed to regular ice cream which cost 5 dollars for a gallon!). I did up my standards a bit (for example, buying whole wheat pasta and whole wheat tortillas instead of white ones) and fake meat was a treat since it was 6 dollars a pound (as supposed to regular ground meat which at the time was 2 to 3 dollars a pound and often went on sale).

Then, I became a raw food vegan, and my grocery bill jumped again to about 70 bucks a week. Green leafy veggies are most expensive per pound it seems then meat.. How is this possible?????

As a raw food vegan I buy things like: raw olive oil, raw smoothie powders, lots of lettuce, avocados, and tomatoes. I also end up going through about .25 pounds of nuts per week between nut butters, nut desserts, and nut salad toppings (gotta dress those salads up so they don’t get boring!). I do a lot of huge online orders (over 200 dollars on average) because I can’t buy what I want locally.

And now doing juicing, I have yet again upped my grocery bill.

Drinking Water

Drinking as many juices as I am, I find it hard to drink a lot of water.

The juice feasting protocol calls for about 2 quarts of water per day, one in the morning upon waking and one throughout the day (more if you work out or are thirsty). I am managing to drink about 1.5 quarts of water.

I find in the morning, after I drink about .5 quarts, my stomach wants a break for while. It is having to process a lot more liquid then it is used to.

I am working on drinking more water throughout the day, and I think upping my level of physical activity (which I plan to do in 3 to 4 weeks) will make me want to drink more water.


Today I drank:

  • 1 quart watermelon
  • 1 quart green apple, kale
  • 1 quart watermelon
  • 1 pint spinach, apple, carrot


I managed to take a walk of at least 20 minutes every day except yesterday. A couple days, I took an hour or more walk, and a couple days, 20 minutes was all I really felt like. I loved my walks on the beach though and I felt like I could do those for hours.

Walking is supposed to be good to pump the lymph system (along with rebounding). I plan to continue to talk at least 6 days per week for at least 20 minutes. This will be fun this week because it is supposed to rain all day!

Today, I took a 30 minute walk in between rain storms. I love to walk in the rain, but I have been so cold and it was windy out that I couldn’t do it.


I have noticed my energy fluctuates a lot throughout the day. On raw, I pretty much woke up and was awake and alert quickly and stayed that way all day. Then at night, I would feel sleepy about 5 minutes before I needed to be in bed for the night.

Juicing sometimes I yawn throughout the day, but I still feel ok. I don’t feel quite as good most of the time as I did on raw vegan, but I feel better then I did on cooked vegan.

I noticed when I go walking, I don’t get as tired or as winded. (I don’t typically get tired or winded when I walk). I found that when I would get home even after a 2 hour walk on the sandy beach, I felt good like I could do it all over again. It felt like my internal energy barometer did not deplete at all doing an activity that would normally deplete some (but not much) energy.

I am interested to see how this progresses as I move further into the juice feast.


I have fallen into a pretty steady routine.

Wake up, teeth brush and tongue scrape, enema, shower, water, juice, work, walk (or some other exercise), work, relax, bed. All in all, lots of good times. I find I have to brush my teeth within a few minutes of waking up or the fuzzy teeth bothers me a lot.

It is now taking a little over an hour to make juices every morning, I have it pretty streamlined, and I am working on getting it down another few minutes to make it an even hour.

My morning routine is down to about 60 minutes as well which is about 40 minutes longer then I usual take, but doable for the next couple months as I live out the juice feast. Also, after day 14, enemas don’t need to be done every day, so I may recoup some time there.

It has been an interesting 8 days! This week I plan to add some supplements back in, rest up a bit, and try to find more juices I like that are easy and fast to make.

Adrienne :)

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