JuiceFeasting 2010: Day 1

Today I started my first day JuiceFeasting.
I woke up a bit later then I typically do, and I started right away on the new juice feasting routines.

My Day

Here was my morning with times in after the colon:

  • Weighted my self : 1 minute
  • Brushed teeth and did tongue scrapping : 3 minutes
  • Take Intestinal drawing formula (supplement) : 15 minutes
  • Did my first ever enema (and yes, there were lots of jokes about losing my anal virginity) : 30 minutes
  • Dry skin brushed : 5 minutes
  • Shower doing the switching between hot and cool: 20 minutes
  • Got dressed and ready for the day: 15 minutes.

While I did all this, I focused on drinking my morning quart of water. I did not add lemon to my water, because lemon tastes very bad to me in water.

Doing everything I needed to in the morning took about 2 hours. I spent longer then I usual do in the shower because of the need to switch back and forth between hot and cold water and added some new routines like dry skin brushing and the enema. I already do teeth brushing and tongue scrapping. I am hoping I can shave some time down as I get better and this becomes more normal.

Then came around 9am when I can start making juices. It took me from 9am until 10:45am to make 4 quarts of juice and clean the juicer, the counters, and all the tools (cutting boards, knives, etc)

I then sat down to write for a bit. In fact, I started this article to make sure I didn’t leave anything out.

I took a walk late afternoon, then wrote, watched TV, met a new kitten, and then came home and talked to a friend.

It is late now and I am exhausted. I could have fallen asleep hours ago.


To prepare for this I read through all the information I could find on juicefeasting.com. I read the ebook The Juice Feaster’s Handbook by Angela Stokes. I read more then 20 blogs that talked about their juice feasting experience and I feel as ready as I am going to get to do this.

The pages I found the most helpful on juicefeasting.com are:

  • A day in the life of a juice feaster - which put the whole program together for me as to what I would be expected to do.
  • Super foods and supplements - outlines possible supplements you can take and the dosage.
  • FAQ – which answers some questions on teas, nausea, and other popular questions.
  • Also the Daily Quick Journal is a great tool. It has most of what is mentioned is needed with easy to check off lists. You can download it for free at Juicefeasting.com. I am filling this out everyday, along with making a blog entry and imputing some stats into an excel spreadsheet.

Angela Stokes’ book The Juice Feaster’s Handbook was a bit disappointing to me. I think it is a great resource for people who haven’t taken the time to actually read juicefeasting.com. It is 57 pages. Page 36 to 56 are notes taken verbatim from her blog which I had already read.

The book is written in a question and answer format which worked very well but many of the questions were questions that were answered on juicefeasting.com. A couple of the interesting things she listed were chewing on sugar cane sticks (but she does not give any info on where a person can find raw sugar cane sticks that would be ok for using on juice feasting), and some travel tips to juice on the road.

For a 20$ book, I expected more. This is a great book, if you are looking for a beginning to end introduction to juice feasting, but not really needed if you have actually don’t some research. If you are just curious and want to see what all this crazy talk is about, it is a good book to pick up.


After making my juices in the juicer, I run them through a nut milk bag just to make sure there is no fiber in them.

While I made my juices, I watched the first days videos from Juicefeasting.com.

The rules to try and follow (as I understand them so far) when it comes to making juices is:

  • To get 2 pounds of leafy greens and 1 head of celery through out the day.
  • Start each day with a green vegetable juice
  • End each day with a green vegetable juice
  • Don’t eat anything
  • Try to drink each quart of juice in about 15 minutes making sure to swish it around your mouth before swallowing
  • Drink juice every 2-3 hours
  • If you get hungry, drink some juice
  • Don’t under drink
  • If you can, stop drinking juice at least 2 to 3 hours before bed. On most the information I read put the last juice around 5pm.
  • Drink about 1 gallon or more of fresh juice per day
  • Don’t drink premade store bought juices
  • Diabetics and pre-diabetics should avoid fruit juices

Today I juiced:

  • 5 pounds of carrots
  • 2 beets plus their beet greens
  • .5 pounds spinach
  • 2 bunches dino kale
  • 3 green apples
  • 2 Fuji apples
  • 3 oranges

which made:

  • 1 quart green apple kale juice (which I added the rest of the beet juice to since had some extra of that)
  • 1 quart carrot juice
  • 1 quart carrot (2 cups carrot juice) and spinach juice (2 cups spinach juice)
  • 1 quart orange (3), Fuji apple (2), beet (2), beet greens (2)

I could drink all of these. I drank the first 3. The first one took me almost 2 hours to drink. I really had to focus and I got the second one down in 45 minutes and the third in 30 minutes.

I was just not hungry for my forth juice, but I was very thirsty so I drank some extra water.


The first supplement I tried taking was the Intestinal drawing formula by healthforce. This is supposed to be taking away from juice and such since it will gobble up the nutrients.

It tasted awful. I had to plug my nose to get it down and the end of the mixture was thicker, that pushed my body over the edge and I threw up. :( My body really did not seem to want this right now, so I thought I would skip a couple days of it and try it again in a few days.

I then took some MSM. I have it in caps and in powder. Given how I reacted to powder an hour before, I decided today I would take the caps. I took 3 caps, and even they tried to come back up.

With my afternoon juice I took some liquid B-12 under the tongue before my juice. While I did not care for the taste, I let it sit under my tongue for a few minutes and then added water to my mouth to drink it on down. This was the easiest of the supplements to take.

The last supplement I tried was hemp oil. The juice feasting directions say to say up to 1 TBL added to juice once per day. I tried 1/4 teaspoon and the beginning of the juice was good, but the last few sips were mostly oil and I could not drink it. I tried to drink it but almost threw up again so I decided not to drink anymore.

I think I may cut back on the supplements for the next few days and let my body adapt. Maybe just keep in the b-12 and try the kelp granules.


I took a 30 minute walk outside in the fresh air. I kept it low key but I loved it. It was mostly over cast so I did not get the sun in the way they recommend, but it felt great to be moving.

How I Felt all Day

I felt great when I woke up. Towards the middle of the day I felt tired and spacey. In fact except for when I was walking, I continued to feel tired and spacey.

This evening, I watched TV (something I tend not to do) because I just couldn’t seem to focus on anything.

Adrienne :)

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