2010 Goals

2010 is here! Yesterday, I showed you where I finished up in 2009. Today is focused on where I am going this year, and what themes I will be blogging about.


As I noted in Goal Planning, sometimes it is awesome to pick an overlying theme to help focus your goals. This year I picked, Fun-Fitness-Finances.

These blend nicely for me. I try to have fun with everything I do, but this year I wanted to focus on some new fun experiences. I want to find a way to incorporate more fitness into my life in a way I enjoy. Finances because I intend to write about my experiences and grow my blog. Since making money and helping people is fun, this fits nicely into the fun tag as well.

Some people chose to focus on a theme such as health or career, and I have done that as well. But this year I felt like mixing it up a bit and combining my business with my personal goals. I could have separated them into growing my blog as a business goal and then health/fitness as a personal goal. Then topped it off by saying I wanted to enjoy doing it.

However, this year, it felt better to combine them since to be they are tied together.

Juice Feasting

Tomorrow, I start JuiceFeasting. I would like to try this for 100 days, and I plan to blog a lot about it.

A few days ago, I bought the year long membership to JuiceFeasting.com. I have read a couple ebooks, bought supplements, and I have done a lot of research.

I am not so tied to the 100 days, as I am to the result. I want to do some pretty heavy detoxing and purifying of my body and I feel this is a great way to do it.

I will post a lot more about this tomorrow.

I will consider this goal reached if I try it and last more then 30 days. I want to do the 100, but I don’t want to force myself if it no longer feels right.


P90X is a very popular workout routine. They have a 90 day workout program that looks to be a real ass kicker, and my ass would love to be kicked :D

I will read but probably will not follow their nutritional menus unless they are made for raw vegans.

I plan to blog extensively about this as well and review this product.

I will consider this accomplished when I do follow the P90X workout routine for 90 days.

Raw Food

This one may be one of my more challenging goals. I want to be 100 percent raw vegan this year during my juicefeast and for the rest of the year after it.
I would say the whole year, but I have eaten some cooked vegan food this year as I have been traveling and on the road.

Raw food will be a big challenge for me since I have a bunch of travel this year including a 2 week trip to Costa Rica with my younger cousin as part of a science field trip.

I am hoping a goal of this sort will help me push through some of the issues I am having with being raw while I travel when I don’t have my awesome tool filled kitchen at my fingertips.

I will consider this goal accomplished when at Jan 1 2011 at midnight no cooked food has passed my lips.


Another year, another weight goal. I hope this year to make some significant strides in my health and fitness between juicefeasting, raw food, and P90X.

I actually set monthly weight goals to help me keep on track.

Write 1 Million Words

Yes, this is incredibly ambitious for me and I am already behind due mostly in part to traveling the first part of January. I joined a website and everything to help keep me on track.

1,000,000 words/365 days = 2739.72 words per day. So far this year, I have written about 2,000. Yes, I need to get cracking! :D

For this goal, I am counting blog posts, novels, short stories, poems, novels, etc. I am also counting editing novels if they are a first or second time edit since I tend to tear them apart and put them back together again.

I plan to write:
4 novels from start to finish about 80K words each.
Edit 4 novels (only 2 will be novels I wrote from the line above)
Write 200 blog posts between this blog and The Dog Said
Finish 5 stories that are works in process I would like off my plate

I am not going to be an insane stickler to this breakdown, but use it as a guideline of where I would like to end up at the end of the year and to remind me what is important to me.

I will consider this goal achieved when I hit 1 million words written!

Try Polyphasic Sleeping

Probably after juicefeasting and maybe after P90X or before, I want to try adapting my sleep schedule to only sleep in 20 minute naps 6 times during the day.

I will consider this goal accomplished if I try it for 30 days.

I have a couple other little goals I am working on as well. These include income goals, and reading part of one of my books for an audience. I track these in an excel spread sheet since they are not really set up as year long active goals I work on. I will share some of the results of these as I accomplish them.

I hope everyone has a great 2010! I look forward to all the possibility this year holds. :)

Adrienne :)

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