Raw Food Update… again

After being raw for quite some time, I returned to cooked foods for about a month because of month long holiday travel where eating raw is almost impossible given the situation. I thought people might appreciate hearing about the transition back.

I started slow and eat some cooked veggies and I felt horrible. The food tasted dead and I found myself staring at in wonder because it no longer resembled the delicious cooked food from my memories. I had someone else taste is and they said it tasted great.

For about a week before I left, I settled into a routine of 100 percent raw breakfast (a green smoothie), then a raw snack usual a piece of fruit, and for lunch I eat about 70-80 percent raw. Sometimes this would be a salad, a veggie burger, or lightly steamed veggies. I found that when I ate it, even though I did not like the taste or how it felt, I immediately wanted more of it. Blah. Talk about unhealthy and addicting.

For dinner, I got a new juicer and drank between 24-32 ounces of green juice a night. Sometimes, I just didn’t feel like it, but I made myself do it anyway and my body was much happier with me. As soon as I took the first sip, I wanted the juice. I made a new juice of orange, beet, beet greens, kale and an apple and it was amazing. I think my taste buds actually purred with happiness.

Drinking juice is a good step for me since I plan to do a 92 day juice feast when I get back to town in January! (More to come on that later).

Eating more cooked foods has been an odd experience. For example, after being raw for over a month, I hopped on the stair machine at the gym (like a never ending escalator you need to climb) which is not part of my normal workout, and I did 30 flights of stairs and could have kept right on going but I had to get on track to finish my workout. However, after 2 days of eating just a little cooked food, I only managed 25 flights in the same time i had done 30 flights and I felt significantly more tired doing it. I sweated more, and felt sore after when a week before I did not feel sore after doing more.

On the road, I have not figured out the secret yet to eating raw. I don’t have a high speed blender or any of my other kitchen toys. No access to my standard raw ingredients for salads, nuts, olive oil, etc. I could eat 100 percent fruit, but I don’t think that would be healthy for me at this point. My taste buds have not quite adapted to being able to just pick up a piece of lettuce and much on it plain as a snack.

On the road, I have been able to follow a similar pattern of eating. Fruit (not a blended green smoothie though) for breakfast and a snack. Lunch that is more like 40-60 percent raw depending on the day, where I am, and what food I have access to. For Dinner, a salad with (non raw) olive oil and balsamic vinegar or a smoothie or some fruit. Maybe a nibble of something cooked, but usually not. My body is often still recovering from a cooked lunch and doesn’t want anything else cooked.

I return to California in January and plan to go 100 percent raw the moment I land. Eating cooked food again really has just shown me that is not what my body wants.

I can even feel a mental fog set in when I eat a cooked meal (even though I am still eating vegan). I am going to try to have a few 100 percent raw days here. I am not sure how that is going to go, but blah, I don’t want to be eating cooked stuff!

In a few days, I will post info on the juice feast I plan to do (that is not a typo, it is a juice feast not a juice fast).

Adrienne :)

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