How Do You Love Your Friends?

My best friend, Mary, and I have this idea that a true friend will hold your hair back when you puke. While our friendship has never been tested that way – and I am totally okay with this :D – we have said to each other on more then one occasion when someone has done something incredibly nutty, “It‘s a good thing I love you enough to hold your hair while you puke.”

I don’t remember how it became a saying, or what in the world we were thinking when someone first uttered this expression, but it is a great line we use on each other from time to time.

Over the years, we have defined our friendship in various ways, but all of them make me smile out of laughter or out of cuteness.

One night around 3am, she showed up at my door looking tired worse for wear. I had been up over 72 hours with school and work, and was up writing a paper for school. We were around 18, and we sat around for a few minutes while I warmed water to make hot chocolate. I took out the hazelnut syrup and said “I love you so much I don’t mind breaking out the hazelnut syrup. It has definitely been a hazelnut syrup kind of day.”

Or one day she spontaneously gave me a hug and said “Thank you so much for never peeing, pooping, or puking on me.” I was not sure how to answer that one, but “You’re welcome,” seemed to work quite well.

One long morning on a hike we call death hill, we had both been out late the night before and were up and on the trails by 6am with only a couple hours sleep, and we took turns trying to push the other one up the hill. Lots of laughter ensued.

She was sick one day and I bought her over a nice hot drink. And she has called me to remind me of an up coming event because she knows that is not my strong suit.

We have a very unique friendship. We talk anything often with much laugher. We are different enough that we often disagree and learn a lot about other views by listening to each other.

How do express friendship and love to the people you are closest to? What do they do that make you feel most loved and appreciated? What makes your relationships special to you? When you look back at the great time with your friends and family, what stands out? What do you want to create more of? What do you want to move away from?

Friendships are always growing and evolving. By noticing the awesome parts, you can consciously create more of them. By noticing what doesn’t work, you know what to change. Relationships are always changing, and you have the chance to make that into a positive experience.

Go hug a friend today. :)

Adrienne :)

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