100 Wonderful Things

Life passes by so fast some time.  Everyone wrapped up in their lives.  But you know what I think is wonderful?  When I look back at what I have most enjoyed in my life, it’s the experiences I remember.  Not having an awesome ipod, or wonderful computer, or an internet connection.  While I enjoy all those things, and they certainly add to productive and enjoyable environment, many of the things I am grateful for are not things I can buy – they are experiences meant to be lived.

Everyday, I try and take moment to remember what I love.  It comes in all forms.  Sometimes people, sometimes events, sometimes a new toy, and sometimes an experience.  They are things that make me happy, help me move forward to achieve and experience new things.  Things that make my heart happy and my mouth smile.  Things I am grateful for.

Our culture spends a lot of time focusing on what we want.  The next toy, the next house, the next vacation.  But, I find it great to remind myself of all the wonderful aspects of my life.

  1. Dancing in the rain
  2. Anticipating a new books release
  3. Reading a new book
  4. A nice long snuggle from a loved one.
  5. An impromptu hug just because
  6. Petting a kitten or a puppy or bunny or bear
  7. Hugging a tree
  8. A long hike in the woods
  9. Watching a sunrise or a sunset
  10. Feeling waves lap at my ankles with sand between my toes
  11. Sore muscles from a wonderful workout
  12. Climbing a mountain
  13. The view at the above the tree line
  14. A snowball fight
  15. Stalking a loved one in the snow until in range to tackle :D
  16. Working out a complex math problem
  17. Finding a bug in a program after hours and it finally works
  18. Class V white water
  19. Day dreaming
  20. The smell of rain
  21. Watching the stars
  22. Snuggling in sweats on a cold winters day
  23. Helping someone
  24. Creating the space for people to grow
  25. Expanding other peoples horizons and my own
  26. Doing something amazing for the world
  27. Trying new things
  28. The smell of a good meal
  29. The taste of ripe fruit
  30. Dancing to music  in the dark late at night under the stars
  31. Writing
  32. Hugging a friend
  33. Making pictures out of clouds
  34. Playing in a pool
  35. Every laugh
  36. Every giggle
  37. Every amused grin
  38. Bear hugs
  39. Eskimo kisses
  40. Freshly brushed teeth
  41. Kids laughing
  42. Little kid hugs
  43. The satisfied sigh at the end of the day that it is a better place because I did something that mattered.
  44. Icy water on a hot day
  45. Slip and slide
  46. Running in the sprinklers
  47. Laughing over games long into the night
  48. Watching a thunderstorm
  49. Riding a bike and feeling the breeze fly hair all around
  50. Playing under the sun
  51. Long summer days
  52. Long winter nights
  53. Saying I love you
  54. Seeing someone eyes glitter with happiness
  55. Playing sports
  56. Playing games
  57. Pictures of space, dreaming of going to space
  58. The hope for a new star trek series
  59. Staying up late to watch a meteor shower
  60. Spending time with friends
  61. XKCD
  62. Sleeping under the stars
  63. Waking up next to someone you love
  64. Sleeping next to someone you love
  65. Being tickled
  66. Tickling
  67. Star trek, star gate, firefly, the pretender, quantum leap
  68. Growing as a person
  69. Create/invent something using my hands
  70. Watermelon during the dog days of summer
  71. Reading the back cover of a much anticipated book
  72. Good tasting chapstick
  73. Laying on the ground coloring with kids
  74. Fuzzy animals who seem happy being petted
  75. Playing volleyball at the beach
  76. Staying up late giggling with friends over silly things
  77. How none funny things become  laugh worthy topics  as darkness descends
  78. Best friends
  79. Listening to people
  80. Listening to rain
  81. Listening to animals
  82. Listening to nature
  83. Waking up energized
  84. The content feeling of going to bed after an awesome productive day
  85. Jammies
  86. Puddles when it rains
  87. Being read to
  88. Reading to someone
  89. Almost anything topic I wish to learn more about, I can find information online
  90. Funky nail polish colors
  91. Dreaming
  92. Fuzzy socks for cold winter days
  93. Sticking my head in the freezer after a long hard sport filled day
  94. The backspace key
  95. Memories
  96. Courage
  97. Intelligence
  98. Honesty
  99. Harmony
  100. Polar Bears, wolves, dragons, every animal, and everything in my imagination.

Sometimes situations are not ideal, but everyday, there can be things you love.  Things you don’t have to be a millionaire for.  Things you don’t have to  travel for,.  Every day more and more and your life can be things you love.

What are you grateful for?  Do you make sure that every day you do something you love, something that makes you happy?  If not, maybe you need to change the way you live.  Life is too short for it to suck. :D

Adrienne :)

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2 Responses to “100 Wonderful Things”

  1. Sanguine says:

    Nice list – although I feel compelled to insist you make this 101 things and list xkcd twice ;)

  2. Adrienne says:

    :) i totally know what you mean. I feel compelled to list if 4 or 5 times.
    Adrienne :)

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