Raw food Update 3:

Well I finished days 15-21 of my raw food trial.

This week was hard. Very very hard. I told someone it was all I could do not to lick their kraft mac and cheese. I don’t even like kraft mac and cheese.
I went to the grocery store this week, and while I was there, I picked up a few things for someone else. I had to go down a cooked food isle, and I turned around and there was mac and cheese and I involuntarily whimpered. I have not liked mac and cheese since I was 4 or so.
I wake up and my first thought is about fries. My sympathy for alcoholics and other addicts has grown tremendously this week.
I have stood in the kitchen fists clenched trying to breath past my want for cooked food.
I am getting concerned about this. When I did my first 30 day trial, I did not have this problem. I craved some stuff but nothing in the ball park of what I feel now. Someone linked a food craving list in a comment and I went to check it out. It is http://www.naturopathyworks.com/pages/cravings.php

I made a list of all the food I was craving. What I noticed they had in common are, salty, fatty and high calories.
For fatty foods, the site says I am missing Calcium and to eat Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, and sesame.
For salty foods, the site says I am missing Chloride and to eat Raw goat milk, fish, unrefined sea salt.
Obviously there is a lot of stuff here I am not going to eat, but I did start adding more salt to my food, and bought a lot of greens including kale and mustard greens.
On a daily basis, I am eating an avocado and sometimes some olive oil. I also eat nuts or seeds a couple times a week as well. I have started putting extra salt on food. Then I took a the calories I eat in a typical day, and thought this may very well be a problem. I found a typical day of food for over a week for me was around 1200- 1500 calories. Add to that, I have been swimming an hour 4 times per week (which burns around 500 calories), it is no wonder I am constantly focused on calories.
I tried to consciously eat more calories, and managed to eat almost 2000 but I felt sick doing so. Cooked foods, I typically at that many calories without a problem.
So I am not sure what to do.
Is this detox or something more serious? Do I need to alter what I am doing?
I am contemplating doing so.

I have been so sleepy recently, falling asleep at 9pm and waking up at 7am. Even with all of that, there was even a couple days, I felt I needed to lay down and rest in the middle of the day.
I am sleeping well, and having awesome dreams every night. Last night I put myself to bed at 9pm because I thought I would be tired, I got up and wrote for a while, laid back down, got up and wrote some more, laid back down, and finally fell asleep at 4 this morning. I was not even tried laying down. I woke up this morning at 8 feeling fine (besides for wanting cooked food).

New recipes
I made green apple kale juice twice this week. I also made a strawberry shake. The strawberry shake was ok, but I probably wont ever make it again. The green apple kale juice is a bit bitter but I like it.

Other Misc things
I have felt extremely productive some days and no energy others. Having chocolate hazelnut pie around to eat whenever I want though has sure helped the staying raw cause :)
Raw food, at least for the beginning, seems to make me very reclusive. I seem to be doing better staying grounded, but there is a lot of times I just don’t feel the need to connect with people. The nice thing about this mood is that I am super creative and productive. The other day, I hand wrote a story for over 20 pages, my fingers were killing me. I would have written more but where the pen rests on my finger was completely raw. I don’t think I have ever felt so much clarity writing before.
I don’t know if the reclusiveness is a detox symptom or a result of raw foods, but I look forward to staying on raw foods.
For the clarity I wrote with a few days, I would do a lot including eat raw foods in spite of cravings.

The future
I am going to ask some longer raw food people what they think. I have thought about trying for 30 days, 70 or 80 percent raw with only cooked foods allowed are veggies, lentils 3 times a week and brown rice 2 times a week.
Continue to up my percentage of raw food, and decrease the non veggie cooked food. Basically, try a more gradual transition and see if that helps, or see if it just prolongs results, and everything else stays the same. I figure it might be worth a go.
When I eat cooked foods now, I feel crappy after eating them. But the next day (as long as I did not pig out) I feel wonderful and continue to for a couple days.
I am not committed to eating a 100 percent raw, I am interested in eating what is best for myself and for the planet.
I lost 1 pound this week which I like :)
Other then these insane cravings, I feel pretty good.

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