Raw Update Week 2

Well I finished days 8-14 of my 100 day raw food trial.


This week my cravings for fries were out of this world.   I told myself more then once I am 8 percent done, or 12 percent done.  I am almost there.

This is an odd craving for me.  Before eating raw, fries were not a big part of my life.  I might eat fries 2 or 3 times a year as a veggie burger side, but I never went out of my way to get some.

Another odd craving has been cheese.  There have even been a couple days where my hands smell like I have been holding cheese.  Weird.

Prior to eating raw, I rarely had a cheese craving.  Usually a cheese craving meant I wanted pizza.  I ordered vegan pizza once in a while and my cheese craving would be forgotten

I have not found the raw foods yet that kick these cravings to the side.  Since I am craving such high calorie food, I wonder if the problem is I need more calories.  I do notice I start craving fries, cheese, or chips before I feel hungry.  Then about an hour or two later I realize, I am hungry.

I have tried eating more and that has not seemed to kick the cravings.

Someone mentioned to me that all the foods I am craving are not only high calorie but salty.  No cravings for ice cream, eggs, butter, or other dairy products.  With the exception of some soup or steamed veggies, I have not had any other cooked food cravings.  I have tried adding a bit more salt to my food.  I use Himalayan salt.  So far, this has not made a difference.

I wonder if this is just a detox thing?

Energy and Weight

This week I was very productive, my head was nicely grounded and I had a ton of energy all week.  I got a lot of work done and just felt great all week.

I made some crackers using sprouted buckwheat, sweet potatoes, flax seeds, soaked almonds, and some spices.  I was trying to make some grounded food and it seems to have helped.


I found I missed creating cooked dishes, so I made cooked stuffed mushrooms, lightly steamed spinach with spices, and lemony steamed green beans for some people for lunch.  It went over really well and my pots and pans felt less neglected :)

I tended to eat almost the same thing every day, and I have started adding two new recipes to my repertoire every week.  I figure I will share what I make each week (with pictures of course).

The first recipe I made this week is chocolate hazelnut pie from I Am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude

This was amazing.  Like, I cut the first piece with a small spatula, and gave the spatula a little taste and ended up licking it clean – which is something I don’t typically do.

I took me about 4 days to eat it at 2 pieces a day (sometimes I would give the 2nd piece to a friend).  Everyone loved it.  Even my sister said “Well, that is not as horrible as you could have made it” which I take as a major sign she liked it :)

It was also my first time using Irish moss.  I had no problems using it and everything seemed to turn out very well.  As you can see the cream is so thick the fork stands up in it.  Yumm! :)




The second recipe I made was one I read on a twitter online.  Dates with pecan.  And dates with a bit of coconut oil, pecans, and macadamia nuts.  I did not expect these to taste good.  I am not a big raw date fan unless it has been beaten unrecognizable.  It is a texture thing.  However, I really enjoyed these.

I made some more the next day, and I found that about 3 or 4 is my limit.


So I am not 14 percent done with my 100 day trial of raw foods.  Almost a fifth of the way there!

Adrienne :)

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2 Responses to “Raw Update Week 2”

  1. Dorien says:

    I found this list of foods related to cravings: http://www.naturopathyworks.com/pages/cravings.php

    But generally, it’s important to eat lots and lots of green leaves, like boutenko says.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for the link. I took a look and it says if i am craving salt, then i am really craving Chloride and to get that from Raw goat milk, fish, unrefined sea salt. Well, i have been eating some salt and upping it has not helped, yet.
    If i am craving fatty foods, then it says i am missing Calcium and to eat Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame.
    Recently, i have been eating lots of spinich and some romain lettuce. However, i dont eat anything on the fatty food craving list. I will have to get some turnip greens and mustard greens and see if that helps. I typically eat kale a couple times a week, however, i just have not been in the mood. I will get it again and try it a few different ways.
    Adrienne :)

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