1 Week Raw Update

As I write this, I just completed day 7 of being 100 percent raw on my 100 day raw trial.  As many of you know, I tried raw for 30 days and loved it.  However, I started messing around with it to see if I could eat cooked foods, go to restaurants etc, and how that would affect me.

I tried variations of eating raw all day until dinner, eating all days but Saturday, eating raw all month then taking 3 days off where I can eat with friends, and a couple others.  However, none gave me the great feeling that I felt on raw.  Even when I eat cooked food once a week, I felt it for 3 or 4 days afterwards and I felt horrible for about 24 hours with headaches and stomachaches.

But, not eating cooked food I felt drawn to eat very high calorie salty food like fries, and chips with salsa.

I decided to try 100 days raw and see what and if there is a longer term benefit or obstacles that I did not see from doing 30 full days and all my sequent variations.  I really enjoyed experimenting with eating raw, I just dislike how crappy I feel when I eat anything cooked.

Even doing so many days raw with only some cooked food sprinkled about, I was amazed at what I lost.  Besides for feeling like crap, my tongue was no longer nice and pink, I felt thirsty all the time, my face started looking blotchy again, and I had less energy.

So, 100 days, I figure I will give weekly updates, and see how I am doing.  I will post some pictures of new recipes I try, and answer questions I receive.  I cant wait to see how I come out of this in 100 days.

A few people have asked how my sister adapted back to cooked foods.  Where as I felt sick trying to eat anything, she loves having the convenience back of fast food, pasta, and other snacks.  Her body did not seen to have the issues mine did trying to adjust to eating cooked food again.  So, if you are on the fence and want to try raw, don’t think that just because I get sick with cooked food now to mean that you will too.

So, how did week 1 go?  I lost 4 pounds, but one of those is a pound of blood from donating blood.  I felt a little spacey towards the beginning of the week, felt fabulous towards the middle, until Friday when I gave blood which made me a little tired.  I swim for an hour 4 times this week.  No hiking since my ankle is still sore from the sprain.

I made a couple new recipes, an inverted strawberry pie which I will make again and take pictures and a buckwheat bread.

Today, I feel great!  And I am happy to be on day 8 of 100. Almost a 10th of the way finished.  When I think of it like that, 92 days does not seem so far away.

Adrienne :)

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