Raw Food Update

It has now been a few months since the end of my raw food trial.  After March 31st, I stayed raw vegan for another 10 days putting the total of raw food days at 41.  I felt great, lost weight, managed to eat raw when I traveled, woke up with a nice clean tongue every morning, slept less, my face looked much clearer then it ever had before.

Trying to eat cooked again.

I love eating 100 percent raw.  However, I was curious to see what would happen if I ate a cooked vegan meal.  Both people who did the trial with me went back to eating pizza and fries and did not feel horrible.  On day 41, I had one of my favorite meals, but it did not taste right at all. It was bland, dull, and seemed to sit so heavy in my stomach.  Before I was halfway through, I felt horrible.  I had a massive headache, I could not seem to drink enough water, my stomach felt horrible, and I broke out in sweats.  I got home and lied on the driveway instead of having to walk all the way inside the house.  I slept fitfully that night, and got up every hour or so.

The next day, I looked a bit like a zombie, black circles under my eyes, I felt horrible still, but I was craving cooked food. I tried eating a little cooked food and my body immediately rebelled again.  It took almost 2 weeks before I could eat cooked food without going to bed right after.

I tried a few variations, eating raw until dinner and then eating 50 percent raw for dinner, or allowing myself to eat cooked vegan foods on the weekend and raw vegan during the week.  None of these worked or me though.  I craved and thought about food all day long.

One of the positive aspects I enjoyed about eating raw was not thinking much about food. On cooked food or only part raw, I thought about food a lot, plan for lunch, snacks, and dinner, what I was in the mood for, and if I should eat out with friends or in.  On raw, when I get hungry, I eat.  I spent a lot more time preparing food though because I enjoys some dehydrated food.

A Girl Note

Up until he next header, I am going to explain some changes for me on a subject that makes some people uncomfortable, so if your one of those people who gets squeamish with regards to “girl” stuff, you may want to skip this section.

Since I was in 8th grade, I have never had regular periods.  I would skip months at a time.  I would typically have 2 or 3 per year, and while I enjoyed not having to deal with it, it also meant my body was not functioning the way it should.  However, after 41 days on raw, my body became clockwork which I have not had in over 15 years.  Even after trying a few variations of raw foods, my body still stayed on schedule.

Weight, glow, mood, and sleep

At 70 and 80 percent raw, I felt no where near as good as I did not 100 percent raw.  I stopped loosing weight, my face looked reddish, I felt out of sorts, and I could not sleep.

At the end of the raw food trial, I had lost 18 pounds which is totally awesome.  However eating even 2 cooked meals a week, stalled me from losing more weight.  Eating 60-70 percent raw, I began to gain weight again.  I found this one of the most interesting parts of eating raw foods.

Before I moved back to California, I worked out at least 1 hour per day – usually 2- and ate vegan with plenty of fruit and cooked veggies.  However, I did not lose weight.  Without even trying, or working out a ton, I lost weight on raw foods even eating 2 or 3 avocados some days.

Now, back on raw foods 100 percent, I am losing weight again.  Got to love that.

Within a couple days of eating cooked food again, my skin looked bumpy and grainy, and just plain icky.  On raw, my skin cleared up.  This is something I had been working on for years, having tried copious products, and gotten tons of advice, my face still appeared rough, uneven, and blotchy.  It took almost 40 days on raw foods before my face cleared.  Just the one meal on cooked foods, and my face went back to blotchy and irritated.

My mood is typically very high, and my energy is super high.  Raw foods just added to this, but it seemed to be a more pure from of energy.  I had to move round, pace more, get up and dance in the middle of the work day while brain storming to keep myself from exploding with energy.  I wake up with the sun, and by late afternoon, I am ready to knock off doing desk work and do other things.  I go about the day at full speed until bed time.  I go from full speed to be too tired to do anything but sleep in under 10 minutes – probably under 5 minutes.

Typically even, pre raw, pre vegan, I slept very well.  I can typically recall dreams I have had, and I wake up ready to enjoy a new day.  I tend not to sleep much.  For the first couple weeks on raw foods, I slept a ton.  I went from sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night, to sleeping 8.  Upon going from raw to eating some cooked food, I started sleeping 10 plus hours a night.  Now back on raw, my sleep has once again gone back to 4 or 5 hours.

Blood Sugar

Diabetes runs in my family, so it is something I check occasionally.  I have never had any signs or symptoms of it. Throughout the raw food trail and after I have repeatedly checked my blood sugar.  My lowest was 73, my highest was 89.  For me, there is no blood sugar change (maybe my pancreas is working harder, but I cant really measure that easily at home) that I can tell.

Raw Foods and Spacey/ungrounded  Feelings

One of the hardest aspects of raw foods is that I feel very spacey with my head far in the clouds happy to look at the ceiling for hours and think instead of DO anything.  I have gotten lots of feedback on this, everything from eat more food grown close to or in the ground, do weight training, work out more, drink juice, push through it and be productive anyway, ignore it, and other variations of the same things.

I found a couple recipes using more ground/root veggies and have put more of those into my diet.  I found with doing that, all the sudden I craved them like crazy.  I made sweet potato chips, red potato chips, and sweet potato – sprouted buckwheat sticks which I eat 4 or 5 times a day. I don’t notice this helping me feel more grounded but maybe I need to do it longer.

I have been doing a lot of swimming and racquetball as a workout, but I still need to add weight training.  I wanted to do one a time so I could see which one helped the most.

I have made juice quite a few times.  In the past, I have really disliked juice.  Pretty much anything that flavors my water, I am not a fan on.  However, the taste of juice has begun to grow on me so much I am looking into getting a new juicer.  However, so far, juice has not helped me feel more grounded.  Maybe I need to drink more juice, because at most I have a 16oz glass 2 times a week?

I am still looking to resolve this.  Maybe it is just a stage and I need to just accept it and move on.  We shall see.

Pro Con List

So after all these different raw trails…. Here is my short most important Pro/Con list. There are lots of pros that are not as important to me that I did not list (like not needing hand lotion anymore) as well as some cons (spending an extra 20-30 bucks a week on food).


  • More energy
  • Less Sleep
  • Weight Lose
  • Clear Skin
  • General Feeling better
  • Not getting sick


  • Not feeling grounded
  • Lots of time on creating meals I want to eat
  • Not being able to easily eat out with friends.  ( I am working on learning to do this)

So for me, eating raw is a clear winner.

What am I doing now?

Cooked food never tasted right again, it continued to sit heavy in my stomach even after a few months of playing around with different ways of eating raw.  So, I went back to 100 percent raw vegan.  My goal now, is 100 days raw vegan, then I plan to reassess, but I consider it more of I already made the life style change. At 100 days, I want to celebrate the mark and see what I think of it so far.  Consciously reevaluate to make sure it still works for me, and what I can tweak to make it better (I am thinking a private chef :D )

Adrienne :)

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2 Responses to “Raw Food Update”

  1. Daffy Duck says:

    Thanks for posting your progress. It’s very interesting to me. I’m not sure if I would ever go 100% raw, but I’ve been slowly trying to increase my intake of raw foods.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Daffy Duck!
    while i enjoy raw, i am still keeping the jury out until i have tried it longer.

    Adrienne :)

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