Raw food trial:Day 26

Detox and Weight

Today i am up 2 pounds from  yesterday for a total lose of 12.5 pounds since the start of this trial.

Today and tomorrows blog entries will be shorter because of hectic days and being out of town again tomorrow.


Today i was more thristy then hungry until the middle of the day.
For breakfast, i had a bowl of oat groats with banana, pecan, dates, cinnamon and some cashew milk.  It was awesome.  I am certainly finding a bunch of foods i really enjoy on this.
For lunch, i used some zucchini dehydrated bread, and covered it in hummus, added some cucumber, tomato, and avocado and had a wonderful sandwich.
For dinner, i was not very hungry, so i had a few strawberries and 2 tomatoes.
However, about 10pm, i got hungry and had some grapes as i write this.

Here comes lindsay’s entry!

Adrienne :)

Day 26

I made smoothies again today and they turned out great.  I am thinking of making a habit of this.  Before Adrienne came back to California we had a blender, but wasn’t nearly the 10 shades of awesomeness that hers is.  The next time I am in the market for a blender, this one will definitely be on the shortlist.  Adrienne has mentioned some really awesome breakfast ideas that she’s come up with over the last couple of days and says they’re really good.  I’m planning on trying them over the next couple of days.  Perhaps these can become regular breakfasts for me in the future.

Adrienne went to Whole Foods today and got some freakin’ awesome strawberries.  Although, the strawberries that she and Mum got at the farmer’s market a few days ago were even better.  The strawberries from the farmer’s market had to be the best strawberries I’ve had in years.

I am beginning to reflect on this experience, see what I liked, what I didn’t, what habits I want to keep, and those I’m interested in letting go of.  I have really missed tea, hot food (this incorporates many things), slurpees, beer, and easy food prep (I say this realizing that the ease of food prep is relative).  From what I have gathered during casual conversation, all three of us are keeping different habits and taking different opinions away from this trial (don’t worry, I expected this), so I look forward to — and am curious — what a family dinner in our household will look like in the future.

With only four days left of this trail I’m waiting for the last of the awesome benefits to show up.  Ever since I started having more salt in my diet again, the weight has not come off as quickly…grrr.  I’ll have to keep this in mind whatever way of eating I choose.

May I present, today’s joke (nerdy, with a touch of scifi :) )

Alien Message Decoded

Scientists Decode the First Message from an Alien Civilization:

Simply send 6×10 to the 50 atoms of Hydrogen to the Star System at the top of the list, cross of that star system, then put your Star System at the bottom of the list and send it to 100 other Star Systems.  Within one-tenth of a Galactic Rotation you will receive enough hydrogen to power your civilization until entropy reaches is maximum!  IT REALLY WORKS!!



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