Raw Food trial: Day 24

Detox and Weight

Today i am the same weight as yesterday for a total lose of 12.5 pounds since the start of this trial.
This is going to be a short blog entry since i got home very late.


Today was an odd food day because it was the first time that being raw was hard and not because of cravings.
I got early and drove 2.5 hours to see some friends.  I was not hungry until a little after i got there.  I had a lara bar around noon.  I thought ahead and packed myself a lunch the night before.  So around 2:3- i had my lunch.  It was great – sunflower seed pata on top of a lettuce and tomato salad topped with salsa., some kale and cabbage salad, and a couple chocolate balls.
I was originally leaving there at 5pm but we were having alot of fun and had some awesome things planned, so i stayed later.  I did not have any dinner packed so i ended up with just 2 bananas for dinner.  I was still hungry but there was not much more there i could eat.  This is where the breakdown was for me.  Around 10pm when i left, i found another lara bar in my care and had that.

i cant believe 23 days is have gone by already.

Here comes lindsay’s entry!

Adrienne :)

Day 24

It’s hard to image that we are down to our last week.  It feels like this month has gone by very slowly and I am looking forward to not having to worry/think so much about food.  Since I have upped how many oranges I eat I’ve been feeling better.  I think when this is done I am going to do some research on the low stomach acid thing my sister was telling me about.  We’ve discussed it a couple of times, but neither of us are very knowledgeable about it.

This morning I had oranges and an avocado for breakfast, but I waited a bit between the oranges and the avocado (I didn’t think the tastes would go well togehter.).  I snacked through most of the rest of the day.  However, for dinner I had a business appointment at the Olive Garden.  They didn’t have anything on their menu that was raw vegan, but I did have some salad even though the dressing wasn’t raw vegan.  We’ve tried a number of salad dressings to try to find one that is raw vegan and tasty, but have not had much success.  After the salad I came home and had more oranges.  Yum!

Today I started looking into vegetarian recipes and alternatives.  As we are approaching the end of our trial I am looking at where I am going from here and the best ways to transition.  While I still have not made my final decision, but at this point I am leaning to vegetarianism.  We will see in the week that follows.

Presenting, today’s joke :) :

How many computer programmers does t take to screw in a light bulb?

None.  It’s a hardware problem.



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