Raw Food trial: Day 21

A hike to start the day

Today i went hiking for a couple hours before my raw class.  It was awesome but totally kicked my ass.  After i was done hiking, i still had lots of energy until about 8pm tonight.  I got up at 6am and as soon as i woke up, i felt a headache come on.  It stayed with me throughout the hike which was really not fun.  As my pulse climbed so did the pounding in my head.  I drank about a litter on the hike.
My best friend, Mary, and i climbed death hill.  My arms are the most sore part because my backpack hit under my arms hard and i have a couple nice bruises forming.
There was one part, mary and i looked at each other and said “is that a wall or the trail?” :)   and of course as we were saying that, a guy with calf muscles the size of thighs jogged (yes, jogged) up the hill.  Mary and i looked on with envy.  The real kicker was that he was jogging with a friend, and they were talking, and they were not winded at all.

Here are a couple pictures Mary and i took.

The above picture was taking at after mini death hill but before major death hill.

This is from the top of the hill.  You can see the water we were looking at the last picture to the far left.  The hill just went straight up forever.

Here is a picture of the lake from the top.

Raw Food Class

I spent this afternoon in a class with 7 other students learning some new raw food meals.  Pattie was a very entertaining as she prepared all sorts of yummy things.  She gave us the recipes and then we all sat down to have lunch together.  Everything was amazing.
It was also very interesting to hear from people who have been raw foodist, the issues they have dealt with and are dealing with, and tricks of the trade.  One woman had been raw for years and started eating some cooked food after she had her baby because of breast feeding.  She was having trouble getting enough calories and she did not know if raw for her would give the baby what she needed.
Another women, is the only raw person in the house, her husband and kids are really like cooked steak.
Stories were told about family members being cured of cancer using raw foods, thyroid issues disappearing, weight melting off, why eating too many nuts can lead to unexpected outcomes like bladder issues and cold sores, and other health issues disappearing on the a 100 percent or near 100 percent raw vegan diet.
The long term raw people said they sleep about 5 hours a night and feel great waking up and dont get tried through the day.
I talked to them a little about my sisters issues she has been having with feeling crappy this trial, stomach issues, and moodiness.  A couple of people recommended colonics and this idea was highly favored for anyone starting a raw food life style or just a raw food detox.  The other idea offered was that she was eating way too much fruit.  Currently, she is eating probably about 90 to 95 percent fruit.  The rest being avocado and tomato.
It was a great class and i had a great time.  I hope to do more in the future.

Here and pictures of what was created.

This is rainbow salad.  I did not have any of this (i am allergic to one of the ingredients), but everyone said it was awesome.  It seemed really good.

This is the non refried beans.  It was really good.  The base is sun flower seeds.  I am so making this soon.

Here was the complete table.  You can see chips on the left close to the camera, the rainbow salad on the far right.  The green and red round things towards the front middle of the table are the tortillas.  The red bowl held the non refriend beans.  On the back cornor was hummus and towards the middle back was lettuce and tomatow.  The middle had amazing salsa, and chocolate moose.

Everything i tried was amazingly good.


For days when i started this trial, my hands smelled like lemon or lime all day long.  The last couple days i have noticed that even tho i am tell getting my hands smelly with all sorts of food prep, after i wash them, the smell goes away rather quick.  When i smell them a couple hours later, they smell good but not like citrus.  I cant quite place what they smell like, but i sure have been sniffing my hands alot to try and figure it out. :)

Detox and Weight

Today i am up 2 pounds from yesterday for a total lose of 10.5 pounds since the start of this trial.
My nose ran a ton today during the hike. I had a rather sucky headache from when i woke up until a little after i got home.
Even tho i had an insanely busy day, i had lots of energy and felt great (except for the headache).  I am however, very tried now.  It is almost midnight and i have been ready for bed for over an hour.


Today was an interesting eating day because i did so much of it on he go.
I went hiking and only drank water.  When i got back, i only had about 10 minutes to change and leave, so i grabbed 2 bananas around 10:15 on my way to the raw class.  At the raw class, i had a couple soft tacos on spinach tortillas, with not refried beans, and salsa with a coupe cherry tomatoes.  I also had a little hummus.  For dessert, we had chocolate moose.
It was all INCREDIBLE. Yum!
i got home and had dinner a bit later.  Cucumber goodness.  However tonight, it just did not hit the spot it did yesterday.  Around 9 i had a smoothie and a plum.  I dont typically like to eat that late, but i was hungry.  Also i knew i would be up for a while  If i could have gone to bed at 10, i probably would have skipped eating that late.

Here comes lindsay’s entry!

Adrienne :)

Day 21

I am now going on four days of feeling crappy, grrr.  I’m not entirely convinced that it is because of the raw food trial, but I do think it’s a factor.

Adrienne went to a raw food class today and asked them for some suggestions.  They suggested methods for further detox, that I may or may not look into, I haven’t decided yet.  They also said that one of the issues could be how much fruit I’ve been eating.  I’m not sure I want to eat less fruit because when we started this, fruit was the only thing that would calm my stomach.  I did talk to Adrienne today about what other foods I could have instead of fruit.  We looked back at the last twenty days and tried to find some foods that I liked and sat well with my stomach.  We came up the meatless balls with pesto (damn those things were tasty).  Adrienne has kindly agreed to make them for me tomorrow (thanks, Adrienne).  I honestly could not have done this raw food trial with out her.

In addition to not feeling well physically, I’ve noticed that I have gotten quite fussy.  As a result, I’ve gone into hiding a bit, since I’m not interested in taking out on people I care about.  Over the last few days I haven’t been enjoying my raw food experience.  I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the way I am feeling is a continuation of detoxing.  Whatever if is, I hope it sorts itself out soon.

With only nine days left I have begun to think about the transition back to other foods and to what extent I will be going back to other food.  I am soooo looking forward to hot meal.

I present to you, today’s joke (this one is for all the scientists out there):

Heisenburg was driving down the freeway when he gets stopped by a police officer.

“Sir, do you know how fast you were going?” the officer asks.

“Nope, but I know exactly where I am!”



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  1. Bill F says:

    I hate joggers who don’t breath hard going up a hill.
    Tell Lindsay I loved the joke of the day. I sent it to my friends that would get it.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Bill!
    I will tell Lindsay, she is loving finding jokes everyday.
    yeah, those joggers, grrrrrrrrr :)
    adrienne :)

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks Bill! I’m glad you liked it :) .

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