Raw Food Trial: Day 19

Detox and Weight

Today i am up 1.5 pounds from yesterday for a total lose of 9 pounds since the start of this trial.
Today i had lots of energy again.  I ran 5 errands, and got quite a bit of work done.  I love productive days!
I find that without cooked foods, i really dont crave eating.  I miss some foods (rice and beans mostly), but i dont have cravings for foods i once craved alot (vegan ice cream etc).
I still had little focus at the beginning of the day for non active work.  I prepared food for a couple hours, did 4 hours worth of errands, prepared food for another couple hours before i could settle myself enough to sit at my computer and answer email.
Even writing this, i am getting distracted by everything.  Now i have been trying for about 2 hours but usually i can type for hours with little distracting me.

Food cost

So i finally got around to looking at what food has cost.  Typically i used to spend about 50 bucks a week (including my once to twice a week eating out habit).  My mom and sister tell me they spent about 150 a week including eating out.
So far on food we have spent just shy of 1000 dollars for about 3 weeks of food for all of us.  Typically this would have been about 600$.
I took a look to see where in the world all the money is going.
Well some of it that i am counting under groceries, my mom does not usually put under her grocery budget.  The item Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Organic Sprouted Rice Protein Powder – Vanilla – 2.2 Pounds is almost 100$ for 2 cans.  So that brings us down to 300$ over.
The second major change is the amount of tomatoes and oranges we go thru.  These are the two foods that are really helping to settle Lindsay’s stomach.  We are going thru about 20 dollars worth of these foods a day (and i buy them in bulk at costco.)  We usually buy 1 flat for the week (7.50$ or so a flat, which is 5 pounds, 10 tomatoes).  Now, i am buying 8 to 10 flats a week.  I typically eat 2 or 3 tomatoes a day.
The 3rd major cost is nuts and dates.  I have not been eating many nuts and dates.  I think i have used them in 3 recipes so far.  However, my mom loves the dates and nuts as a snack.  This week we have gone thru 16 dollars worth of dates and about 50 dollars worth of nuts.  I have yet to use a date in a single recipe.  If i had to guess, i have used about 5 dollars worth of nuts this week in cooking.
The other major expense is avocados.  I typically eat 1 a day.  A couple times a week (esp on heavy workout days) i eat 2.  However, lindsay and our mom eat 2 to 3 per person a day.
The foods i typically eat alot of are significantly cheaper.  I eat 4 bananas a day which is about 1$ worth.  If i was not preparing so much food for a family who really likes to have a “typically” meal, i would be eating alot more mono meals.  After a green smoothie for breakfast, i would have a veggie plate for lunch, and probably a mono meal for dinner.  I think after this trial is over, i am going to test a week of my eating to see what it costs for just me so i have a better frame of reference as to what this costs.


Today, i was not hungry towards the beginning of the day.  I had a double green smoothie which was fabulous.  I am so addicted to these banana strawberry smoothies.  I ate this around 9 am and did not get hungry for lunch until after 2.  I was out running errands for most of the time but i did not feel hungry at all.

Around 2:45, i made hummus with romaine lettuce, half a cucumber, avocado and tomato.

Around 7, i got a little hungry and had a couple bites of the chocolate nuts (cacao powder, with maple syrup, agave, walnuts, cashews, pecans, and almonds with a dot of coconut oil. i food processed the nuts to be a very small pieces but not a powder.)  i made.  I am a little hungry now (almost 10pm), but i think i will wait until morning to eat.

Well i am off to finish cleaning the kitchen.  One nice thing about not eating raw, vegan take out is readily available around here and there is no dishes to do after.

Up next is Lindsay’s entry.  I wonder what she thinks of today.

Adrienne :)

Day 19

Oi.  Today was a long day and interesting day.

I’ve been tired and not feeling well.  In the last few days I have gotten very frustrated with raw foods.  I’m afraid to say anything because I don’t want to speak out of exhaustion, but I feel like crap, my stomach included.

I have much to say, but truthfully my brain just isn’t here at the moment.  My apologies.

I’ve still leave you with something to smile about though.

What do you call a virgin on a water matress?

A cherry float.

Yes, it’s horrible, but amusing.



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