Raw Trial:Day 13

Detox and Weight

I am up one pound today putting me at a total of 8.5 pounds down.  I am still having a bit of a runny nose but it is not to bad.  My energy is back up a but which is nice, but my focus still seems to be shot to shit.


Today was an interesting food day.  I got hungry early and i wanted hummus with lettuce, cucumber, avacado, and tomato.  I had a double helping. yum.  But after that, i was not hungry most of the day.  I had no snacks.  I had miso and some shredded coconut with almonds for dinner.  And even now, as i prepare for bed, i am hungry at all.  I am very thirsty tho.  The thirst could be from playing volleyball for 2 hours.

I am keeping this short because i am very sleepy today. I got 7.25 hours of sleep last night but now, i feel exhausted.

Up next is Lindsay’s day 13.

Adrienne :)

Day 13

I am finding that I don’t have much new to say.  That could be because the lack of focus that visited me yesterday, remained a house guest today.  I didn’t get very much sleep last night, so I’m sure that didn’t help either.

I’m still spending most of time snaking as apposed to eating regular meals.  Today Adrienne went to whole foods and brought back some rather tasty treats for us to try.  My favourite were these coconut-almond-vanilla thingies. The best part was that after taking a bite, Adrienne was able to reproduce them, and got pretty damn close.  That is something that I have noticed about raw vegan foods – they are generally easy to replicate since they don’t have all sort of things in them that mere mortals can’t pronounce, generally don’t think about, and that lack of makes it impossible to get an exact taste replica of something you liked from a store.

For some reason the last two days I’ve had wicked cravings for things like nachos, Chiptole, and other hardier meals.  For a while they seemed to ease up, but I guess they just like teasing me.

I shall leave you now, not with a joke as usual, but rather a silly story from last night.  My only fear in telling you this, is that I may never live it down.  Oh, well.
Last night Adrienne made smoothies for Mum, herself, and I.  Like I said, last night I was exhausted, not feeling well, and had jack for focus.  Well, apparently my depth perception was crap too, because within five minutes of being given my lovely smoothie I spilled about ¾ of it all over my desk and nailed my keyboard with it.  Adrienne brought me some paper towels and I did the best I could to play “rescue the keyboard.” Unfortunately, my efforts were in vain, for my keyboard did not enjoy banana-strawberry-spinach smoothie as much as I did and decided to be an anarchist.  First, I couldn’t figure out why the configuration was completely bonkers, but apparently I had switched its setting to the Dvorak keyboard.  However, even after I changed that back the damage was extensive.  Now, a third of the keys work, a third of them don’t, and the last third work, but don’t do what they are suppose to.  Needless to say I had to toss that one, plug in a spare, and spent part of my afternoon looking for a new keyboard.  Any suggestions?

Have a good one,


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2 Responses to “Raw Trial:Day 13”

  1. Seeker5 says:

    Lindsay, sorry your keyboard didn’t like your smoothie as much as you do!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, me too!

    But at least it was good for a laugh :)

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