Raw Food Trail: Day 4


I slept really well last night.  I have not been remembering my dreams so far.  I usually remember about 4 times a week.  The last couple nights i coughed alot and it kept me up.  Last night, I stayed up and wake up this morning at 6am.  I could have gotten up, but  stayed in bed for a couple more hours to try and rest to get over this cold.  I got out of bed at 8am feeling ok.
My mom, who has some issues sleeping (wakes up alot at night and will be up for hours only to fall into a deep sleep right as she is supposed to be getting up), seems to be sleeping better as well.  She is up less, sleeping better, and not up for 4 hours every night like she usually is.  She says tho that even tho she is sleeping very well, she wakes up still sleepy.


I got my first coconut a few days ago, and opened it up yesterday.  I had never had an actual coconut before, and i was very surprised with how sweet it is.  I mixed the flesh and the water together in the blender and poured it into ice cube trays.  It looks pretty yummy.  So sweet tho, it is actually to sweat for me.  I I like it in smoothies, but just to drink is over powering.  I loved all the ideas that came into my head, I bought 4 more.  So more coconut is on the way.

Smelly hands

I am spending so much time cooking my hands smell like lemon, lime, or fruit all day long.  I feel like i will never get all the orange peels out from under my nails.  It is a little odd to run my fingers thru my hair and when my hand goes past my nose to smell lemon.  My hands are also a little dry.  I think this may be due to them spending so much time wet preparing food, then get washed.  I have been especially hand washing crazy because i am sick preparing food for 2 people who are not.  I probably washed my hands upwards of 30 times today.

Every other day or so, I head to the market and buy about $60-$100.  I read on Steve Pavlina’s raw food trail that he spent about 15$ per day on food for the raw food diet.  Well, on a vegan diet, I spent about 50$ per week for one person.  Now i am spending, around 60 dollars per day (this figure includes buying food off websites like  Raw Maca Powder).  This is about 20 dollars per person per day. This is a high because i bought alot of organic food, and supplements and super foods.  This is a huge cost increase for me.

Weight and Detox

My weight dropped 3 pounds between yesterday and today, putting me at a net loss of 6 pounds in 4 days.  Probably alot of this is water weight, but it is a nice change to see.
A bit of a running rose today.  No headaches.  My focus is a little stunted but not to much.  I had a white tongue all day tho.  I brush it off and it appears again a couple hours later.
I miss cooked food.  The cravings are not too bad – they are more like a mild discomfort.  I am craving mostly beans and rice with pico and guacamole.  I love black beans and brown rice, and i am missing it.  On a craving meter, i would say i am at 3.  There was a time today when i chopping lettuce, that every chop was the monologue “black beans and rice”.  It is nice to know i can choose to eat that again in 26 days if i want.
Mom and lindsay seem to have a bit of a harder time (especially lindsay).  I told her today  that i have flexed the not eating what everyone else is eating muscle alot more then she has.  I have alot of practice at looking at something i want and saying no and following thru on the no.  When i went vegetarian, meat still looked yummy.  Now, it totally grosses me out.  When i went vegan, i longed for ice cream and cheese.  Now, well, i still long for ice cream and cheese :D , but no where near the level of craving.  On one level it grosses me out, on another, it is tasty tasty TASTY. :)


Today people made more of their own food, which was great for me.  Then cooking more meant i cooked less, but it also means less pictures to share.  Since i got to do a couple of meals just for me, i fell right into monomeals and loved it.

For breakfast, i had another strawberry, banana, spinach, maca powder (in the glass in the picture).  I made mom a tropical smoothie made with a tropical frozen fruit mix, water, frozen coconut milk, and parsley (in the blender in the picture).  She said this tasted very good.

For lunch, i had 2 pears.  A bit later, i got hungry again, took a bite of an apple, did not like it and gave it to lindsay (who loves sweet pulpy apples, i am a crisp non sweet apple person).  I had some grapes.  Then i stared at the fridge dumbfounded for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what to eat.  I finally made myself 4 kiwi. I also made my mom a small plate of food – pear, stawberry, and avacado.

For dinner, i made cucumber goodness again.  Since i was the only person eating this round of guacamole, i got to make it hotter.  That was nice. But i made it a bit to hot.  When lindsay finished my bowl for me, she commented on that it was HOT. I clocked myself making dinner.  i started at 5:05 and finished at 5:17: a total of 15 minutes.  It appears making food for myself takes alot less time.

Also, to give you guys and idea, this is one of the two fruit tables.

As you can see there is a table under the table for more fruit.  I had to bring in this table from the garage because we just did not have enough space for all the fruit.  And we still have another fruit table with bananas, grapes, coconuts, and other fruit on it.  Not to mention, lots of greens in the fridge.

Well, we made it to day 4.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.  Lindsay has again taken the time to write her experience for us.

Adrienne :)

Day 4

I went to bed later than usual (about 330 am) and woke up a bit later than usual (about 800); I awoke feeling like I just wanted to go back to bed (while this may be a no brainer to many, I thought I would mention it anyway.) I did the fruit for breakfast thing again, so far it is what I have had the best results with.  I followed my fruit with a smoothie, it tasted different, but was good.  Towards lunch time I had one of my favourites: red bell pepper and avocado, awesome.  After that I did more of the fruit thing.  So far eating mostly fruits has been what feels best, specifically oranges.

I’m still having wicked cravings for my beloved Chipotle, my dear ice cream, my much missed nachos, and several other things that are staples for me.  Adrienne thinks that it may take a good two weeks for the detox to run its course and for me to adjust.  One thing I mentioned to her today is that due to how I feel when I eat, I’m not as inclined to eat.  Tomorrow I am going to watch my calorie intake a bit closer and make sure that I get enough (and see if that helps me feel a bit better, too).

In terms of my mood, I do hope I haven’t been as grumpy, but you’d have to ask Adrienne and Mum.  In terms of what the experience has given me, I am truly, truly grateful.  This is one of the first experiments of this nature that I have taken on (I’ve done others, but none this drastic.).  Also, I have a new respect for those who have to go through hardcore detox.  I’ve always respected them and appreciated their hardship, but I don’t think I ever got how much it shakes you to the core and all you can do is bear it.

While I am beginning to feel less bleh, some new sensations have presented themselves…like being itchy….very, very itchy…all over…grr.  Adrienne told me that that may happen, so I’m not all that surprised, but it is still interesting searching for scratching posts or reaching for my back scratcher every five minutes.

And now, for some humour (this one coming from my science/nerd side):

A Hydrogen Atom walks into a bar looking slightly concerned.  The bartender of course takes notice, and as the Hydrogen Atom walk up to the bar he starts freaking out completely.

“I’ve lost my electron!!  I’ve lost my electron!!” He cries.

“Are you sure?” asks the bartender.

“I’m positive.”

Until next time :)


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  1. Seeker5 says:

    I didn’t have any specific comments, but just wanted to say good post and I encourage you guys to keep going at it! Keep up the awesome job :)

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Seeker!
    If you want to come over and help cook err.. i mean prepare food, you are welcome!

  3. seeker5 says:

    Hehe :)

    I’ll be glad to come and watch you prepare food and eat it though ;)

  4. Adrienne says:

    :) ok you can just come by and watch. It is a different process of creating a meal.
    Adrienne :)

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