A vegan, 2 omnivores, and 30 days raw.

I am a vegan.  Have been for a few years.  I have fallen off the boat a couple times, but for 99 percent of the days for well over 3 years, i have been a vegan.  I love being a vegan, i love the warm soups, the crisp salads, the casseroles, the premade soy ice cream, and chocolate.  I love being able to go to almost any restaurant and being able to order something vegan even tho it often takes some creativity, it is a fun way to flex the creative muscle.
I have been interested in trying a 100 percent raw diet since about 30 days after i went vegan.  I started doing some research, bought some raw food cook books, and decided as interesting as it was, there was no way with all my travel, that i could adapt to a raw diet over night.  I did not have the equipment, the time, the knowledge or the support structure to go raw.  About a month ago, this changed!  I finally, quit my job, moved 2000 miles, started a new journey.
This new journey, starts in part with a raw food diet trial.  I will be giving daily progress reports, along with pictures and all sorts of good stuff as i go thru this.  Hopefully, my experiences can help others as they go on this journey.
I have a younger sister, Lindsay, who has agreed to try this with me.  She is a full pledged carnivore.  She does eat some fruits and veggies, but often, it seems, she is more for the meat and the dairy then a salad girl.  After, a couple weeks of my consent talk about how i cant wait, she and our mother decided to do this trial with me.  I am very excited to share this experience with them.
Lindsay, has even agreed to write a blog entry every day that i will post here about what is going on with her.  So every day, for 30 days, you will get an update on a vegan and an omnivore going raw vegan.
I will be doing all the food prep for the first week.  The rest of the weeks, each of them will make 1 dinner a week.
I have done nothing for 3 days, but read raw books, stock the pantry, and explain to my family what they are in for.  It is going to be an awesome ride. After i sign my name here, the rest of the words are Linsday’s introducing herself to the world.
Adrienne :)

A Farewell

“Is she backward?” you may be asking yourself at this moment, as people do not usually begin with goodbye, but I pray you allow me to explain.

I am an American omnivore.  This means that while I eat salads, fruits, veggies, and smile when I see the word organic, I also eat nachos, pizza, and cheeseburgers in all of their man-made processed tastiness.  I fully understand that my diet is not the healthiest, but have not had any severe problems that mandated a shift in my way of eating (and yes, I realize that we all have different ideas as to what counts as severe.).

At the beginning of February, my sister moved back here to California naturally bringing her vegan lifestyle back with her.  One day while Adrienne, Mum, and I were talking about Adrienne’s limited food selection (between being Vegan, food allergies, and sheer refusal to eat certain foods), she mentioned that she was thinking of restricting her diet even further by going Raw-food Vegan.  About a nano-second later she followed up with an invitation for us to join her in her 30 day trial.  I was a bit shocked and the idea of numerous food restrictions dominated my thoughts, and told her that I’d think about it.  Over the next couple of days there were several conversations about the benefits of trying Raw-food Vegan, including that now would be the perfect time, considering the fact that Adrienne was the most knowledgeable and willing to do most of the preparation and leg work (a truly generous gesture on her part).  I took a serious look at what I would be giving up, what I would be gaining, what reasons I had for giving it a go, and what reasons I had for declining.  In the end I decided that there was real potential for gain and that I could not come up with any good reasons not to try it.

Upon my agreement to try Raw-food Vegan for 30 days, Adrienne did loads of research to prepare Mum and I for what would be in store and to create a support structure to ensure success.  Adrienne and I put together a list of things that I would miss and tried to find Raw-food Vegan substitutes.  From the time that I agreed to our start date, March 1, 2009, was four days (I’m sure the farewell is now becoming clear ;) ).

Finally, we come to my intention…to share my experience.  Over the next 30 days I am going to be tracking my progress the good, the bad, and the stuff in between.

So, good-bye Chipotle, au revoir slurpees, and adiós ice cream and here we go…



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  1. Seeker5 says:

    That’s awesome Adrienne (and Lindsay)! I hope you post some pictures of the food and some recipe if you get a chance :) Wish you guys the best!

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