My top 10 favorite reasons why I love Steve Pavlina’s website

Most people who read Steve’s blog are there to learn something or solve a problem.  Well, lots of people can write information so dry no one ever gets through it.  Lots of people can write 1 or 2 articles that someone somewhere finds helpful.  However, Steve creates a unique experience in a blog sphere overrun with blogs.  Here are my top reasons I love his blog and I skipped all the obvious stuff like what he write is helpful.  No shit, why would I even read a personal development blog that is not helpful?

10. Variety

I love that Steve writes about any topic that interest him.  It could be vegan, raw, sleep patterns, habit changes, lightworking, travel, blogging, star trek, anything, and everything.  I love that the central theme as he writes about it is growth and living consciously.

9. Real life examples

Steve uses examples from his own life.  Not afraid to talk about the troubles of his past and what he learned, his family, his life, his trials, and how he became the man he is today.  He does not try to tell his readers he has always been this way.  He tells us in detail the paths he took to get to where he is – even when its messy.

8. Practices what he preaches

Steve tells us what he is living and loving and doing.  He applies his own tactics and shows how he they affect his own life.  I love that I can see the changes he goes through.  You can see how far Steve has come by how his articles have changed and grown with him.

7. Helpful tools

Steve loads your consciousness tool belt with all sorts of tools to deal with life.  Since he is so into variety, he gives tools for so many aspects of becoming a more conscious person.  However, even if your not into that, he has tools for time management, eating, sleeping, money, blogging, and more.

6. Themes

Steve’s articles often go in themes.  I love this because usually when he completes an article, I can tell it is just the tip of the  iceberg with regards to his entire thought process.  Sure enough, often he writes more about it.  I also love that sometimes he managed to work themes into articles like titling each heading after depeche mode in one article to using star trek analogies in another.

5. Geeky undertones

I am a geek.  I am out loud and proud.  I love star trek, and computers, and sci-fi and books.  And I love that Steve loves them too.  I love that he can incorporate hints of geekyness you might never even get unless you are a geek.  I love that it always makes me smile when I read it and I can tell he was smiling when he wrote it.  I love watching his intelligence shine through geeky undertones.

4. Humor

Steve cracks me up.  I love his sense of humor.  His style.  Even on very serious topics, he uses humor to relay a point.  Love that humor.  I love his ability to use humor to defuse tough topics and make them more available.

3. Passion

Steve cares.  It is so obvious through his words that he cares about people, animals, his family, his friends, the earth, star trek :) and just everything.  This creates all sorts of passion, and his writing is over flowing with it.  I  feel passion just reading his articles.  I feel driven to act.  Steve’s passion is truly contagious.

2. Forums

A couple years ago Steve and Erin, launched the forums.  An oasis where readers could gather and talk, help each other, laugh, get advice, and make friends.  I have met some amazing people on there.  If you have never checked it out, I suggest you do.  Even if you are not a fan of Steve’s blog or book, there is plenty else to read and talk about.

1. The importance of smilies

Steve articles are long.  I love them, and I love that they are long and in depth, but they are still long and often though provoking and usually very serious.  This is where Steve’s ability to use humor really comes in.  He sprinkles humor over his articles so in the mist of all the seriousness, you smile, and it feels good.  I love when I am reading and I can see in my lower field of vision a :) because I know that in the mist of all the reading and seriousness, there is some Steve humor coming right up.  I start smiling before I even get to the punch line.

Adrienne :)

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4 Responses to “My top 10 favorite reasons why I love Steve Pavlina’s website”

  1. rrr says:

    Hear! Hear!
    I agree wholeheartedly!
    Very nice post, how did you get in my head like that? ☺
    It appears Steve appreciates it too….he Twittered about it today.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Adrienne says:

    Thanks RRR. I was in a very i love Steve mood and wanted to share why with people.

  4. That’s some vigorous, concise writing, Adrienne. Very well done!

    I also like the simplicity of your website, and how, unlike me, you manage to get one started without having to do a million things to prepare :D

    – Bruce

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