Detox Day 9

Saturday was a not so good day. It started out fine but ended up not with me starting to feel icky. I am not sure why this happened it might be because of eating more black beans. I love black beans and eat them almost every day until this detox.

I had a very busy day, laser tag at a my younger cousins birthday party, watching a bunch of screaming kids, trying to keep order, you know – all the stuff that happens at a kids birthday party. I did not eat anything I was not supposed to. I did have some more back beans and around that time, I started to notice it became harder to breath.


I had a shake for breakfast, a couple bananas for lunch, and black beans and rice with tomatoes for dinner. I also had my second smoothie of the day with dinner.


This seems to get worse today. I was freezing after I ate the black beans and I stayed that way for hours even in sweats, slippers, and a blanket. My home was set to 70 degrees which is 5 degrees warmer then I usually keep it. I kept getting whole body shivers.

I rarely get sick (usually once a year or less) so it seems weird that I would right now on the tail end of this. But I will keep it as a possibility.


I do still seem to be able to get up easier and I feel better when I wake up. I hope I get to keep this as a result of this detox. It was mentioned to me that perhaps the extra sleep is being prompted by a food allergy. I will pay attention and see if as I add food back if I get sleepy.

Detox symptoms

Well I had a headache a good part of the day. I had lots of energy for laser tag. I felt good all day until those black beans.

Well I am feeling pretty crappy now, I am off to bed.

Sunday is the last day!

Adrienne :)

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