Detox Day 10


The last day of my detox did not go exactly as planned. I still felt kinda bad when I woke up but it was mostly just a cough. I went to about my usual day with included some grocery shopping, errands, and cleaning.

By moon rise, my voice was gone, I had a killer headache, and a 100.9 consistent fever. I felt like I was freezing.

Because I am still under the whether, this is going to be short, but I will write more of a final debrief in a couple of days when I see how this all turns out.



I had a smoothie for breakfast, another smoothie for lunch, and grapes and bananas for dinner. Eating this good actually made me feel a bit better. I still don’t know if my body is actually sick or if this is a consequence of eating black beans on Saturday.


Detox Symptoms

I had a headache most of the day Sunday. I also felt like I could not get a full breath. My skin feels itchy and I have the general blahs. I had better focus, but my mind is still scattered.


Well, technically tomorrow, I can eat whatever I want. Since I am a vegan, I wont be digging into steak or anything, but I really want some food that is not fruits and veggies.


Adrienne :)



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