Detox Day 8


Friday was another interesting day. I got up right away without any of the usual 10 minutes of brain fog. I noticed I had a headache when I got up and it stuck with me most of the day. I felt ok, but simple tasks seemed overwhelming.

I had lots of energy, but again it was very unfocused.



I decided to stay away from lentils for a couple days since this headache and the fact they didn’t taste good. I had my smoothie for breakfast (I am going through more bananas then I could have imagined). I had a veggie black bean and rice bowl with tomatoes and guacamole. That really hit the spot. I love black beans and I was very happy to add them back into my diet.

I had the fish fry at my firehouse until after 10pm, so I ended up getting home late. It was weird to not even be able to have a french fry at the fish fry. I had my smoothie at around 11:30pm. It had no stomach or gastrointestinal issues with drinking it that late, it was more an issue of all the water that goes into to the smoothie must come out. I was trying to sleep and ended up waking up 3 times to use the restroom.


Detox Symptoms

I had a headache low grade but the worst one I have had yet on this detox all day. I wonder if it had to do with adding the lentils back. It started about 10 minutes after I ate the lentils. The headache was always there, I couldn’t block it out, but it was not too bad.

My tongue was really white again. It took lots of scrubbing for it to look nice and pink, and only a couple of hours for my body to make it white again.

My focus issues are still a major problem. I find myself stopping in complete sentences to contemplate something completely irrelevant. I wonder if this is my body’s way of getting in some mental R and R. I tend to tax my mind a lot; so maybe it is just a mental unleashing as well. I do notice I get some strong emotions without a reason. Mostly, I need to be outside and free. Outside just seems so much better then indoors.

I cant wait to see how many of these changes continue after this program is over. Only 2 more days!


Adrienne :)

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