Detox Day 7


Thursday was an interesting day. I woke up refreshed and awake without the usual forcing myself out of bed. Even though I am often excited about my day, in the morning, I drag. About 10 minutes after I get out of bed, I am fine, but those initial 10 minutes are hard. Yesterday, I got up without any problems and felt wide awake without my 10 minute lag. I would really like this to continue.

The benefit of waking up without wanting to throw my phone (I use my phone as an alarm clock) is awesome.

Going to sleep was a different matter. I got tired early, around 10pm. I went to bed and my body was ready for sleep, but my brain just wanted to meander in thought. My brain wondered for over an hour before I finally fell asleep.


I ate what is becoming a typical breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I had my smoothie and lentils. I don’t know what it was, but the lentils didn’t taste anywhere near as good as they tasted a couple weeks ago. I even mixed them with fresh spinach which is my favorite way to eat them. They also felt very heavy in my stomach and about 10 minutes after eating them I got a low level headache. It was the worst one that I have had while on this detox. I think I may stay away from lentils for a while longer.


The skin on my face seems softer, less blotchy, and less irritated. I had not really noticed, but for a while, the skin on my face was getting redder in spots. My face today actually is so pale, I may be a ghost.

I got a glance of myself when I walked by a mirror, and it was odd. My face is pale, my eyes are dark and still red, and the skin around my eyes seems almost black against the paleness of the rest of my face. Wonder what I have to do to make the black do away?

Detox symptoms

Except for the lentil headache, I seemed to do pretty well. My focus is still nonexistent. I don’t think I could stay focused on a train if it was heading right for me. I also still feel this strong draw to be outside. Sometimes when I am inside, I start feeling violent like I need to punch through the walls to get outside as fast as possible.

My mind seems to be happiest recently when it is wondering. Even in its wondering, it is unfocused. Normally when my mind wonders, it has a focus, a day dream, a project, code I am debugging, etc. But now, its my mind is just off in space floating around taking in what looks interesting for as long as it does then moving on.

I am actually enjoying the lack of focus and wondering brain. Yes, it makes doing anything extremely difficult, but it feels great to notice so many things. To be so aware of everything around me is awesome. I notice this also comes with large amounts of emotion that I can’t explain like frustration, or anger, and sometimes just plain old happy.

Only 3 days left!

Adrienne :)

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  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for your post. It’s good to read something related to detox that actually makes sense. I’m going to bookmark your site and come back to it.

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