Detox Day 6

Another day has come and gone. It was a pretty good day. I had lots of energy again towards the end of the day, but no focus. My mind was a little cloudy but not nearly as bad as it was 4 days ago. Getting out of bed in the morning seemed a little easier even though I was up most of the night watching the thunderstorm.

I still noticed that I was pretty easily distracted. Sounds, movement, my own brain, anything could throw me off of what I was doing. I felt like all I wanted was veggie pizza and to day dream for hours. I would have loved to just lay out in nature somewhere and watch the clouds, or feel or rain or watch the stars. I felt very confined being in doors all day. I felt like the indoors was smothering me. I even went outside and just stood in the rain for a while, and it felt like the earth steadied under me for a few minutes.

I love spending time in nature and outdoors, but it seems my desire to be out in it is expanding.

Maybe tonight if it is raining, I will take a nice long walk in the rain.


Smoothie for breakfast, grapes, carrots, veggie soup, and roasted veggies for lunch and dinner was smoothie, avocado and tomato salad with balsamic vinegar, and red potatoes. I noticed I got hungry a little earlier then usual after my morning smoothie. But it was a different hunger. Normally, my stomach tells me to eat, but this was more a whole body thing. It was stronger, but significantly easier to ignore for a few minutes will I finished stuff up.

Yesterday, my big craving was for red grapes and red potatoes. I wonder why my food cravings come in colors.


I managed to take my temperature during one of my cold spells that lasted about 30 minutes. It was 93.1. It is no wonder I was freezing. This was about 45 minutes after I had eaten my dinner. I had a couple really hot moments yesterday as well, but I was not around a thermometer to be able to see how hot I was really getting.

I took my temperature about 30 minutes later when I had warmed up and felt comfortable. It was 97.6.


For the last 3 or 4 days my eyes have had a lot of goo in them. I wash them out in the shower and the next day there is more goo. My eyes are also red and can be quite itchy sometimes. Usually once I get the goo out they are much better until later that day. I find myself even cleaning them out when I wash my face at night.

My face is still blotchy and occasionally itchy. I am hoping this will resolve itself soon.

Detox symptoms

I had a couple low grade headaches through out the day. Again, they were so low grade they barely registered.

My tongue is still white. I still brush it, but now it seems to take longer to come back – usually over night.

My focus was virtually non existent, but I had high energy. It was an odd combination.

Tomorrow I get to start eating lentils again! Lentils are one of my favorite foods, so I am looking forward to having it for dinner. These next couple days I get to start reintroducing some foods back.

Adrienne :)

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