Detox Day 5

Past the half way point! Tuesday was a great day. I was focused, productive, and had a clear head all day. It has been a while since I had clear head all day. Around 9pm, I got a burst of energy and worked until midnight. I could have easily continued to work but I was concerned about having to get up in the morning.

The day flew by, I got 3 programs debugged (which were not even working in the first place), a dent made in my inbox, a blog post made, a couple hours of web programming done for the fire station, and even managed to clean up a bit.

I will say this most frustrating thing about this has been going to the grocery store every day. It is not really a planning a head issue. It is a cravings issue. Tuesday I was craving white, red and brown food. The brown I was wanting was lentil, but I still have until Thursday before I can explain my list of foods. I did get to eat lots of red and white though.


I took my temperature 2 times yesterday. I waited a couple hours after dinner. I waited until I was neither hot nor cold. I do seem to be doing better with being too hot or too cold. My first reading was 99.1 which is a low grade fever for me. I waited about 45 minutes and took it again. I was down to 98.1. During this time, I had no hot or cold issues, but this really shows that my body temperature is jumping all over the place.


I had my smoothie for breakfast. Veggie soup, carrots and grapes for lunch. I was very happy to see that my veggie soup today actually tasted good. I keep craving grapes especially when I am thirsty. I will drink some water and drink some more but only a handful of grapes quenches my thirst.

For dinner I was very happy to see my red smoothie (red from the strawberries). I had another salad. Also very good. But I could myself still found myself wanting something hardier. I made roasted veggies with lots of red potatoes and onions and carrots. It hit the spot.

Detox symptoms

I had only a fleeting headache for a few minutes. My nose only had to be blown 3 times. My brain could actually think. It was an awesome day.

Adrienne :)

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