Detox Day 4

Monday seemed to be the beginning of the end for the detox symptoms. I was still a little foggy brained but I had more energy especially for a Monday after being up a lot of the night.

I was actually productive Monday night instead of thinking about going to bed all night.


Well this was an interesting food day. I had my smoothie for breakfast. Lunch was veggie soup which sounded good, until I put it in my mouth. My body really did not want that. I took a couple more bites and my body was really against it. I ended up eating some carrots and brown rice with some veggies and was much happier for it.

For dinner I had a smoothie and a salad. I used straight balsamic vinegar for the dressing and added some lettuce, tomato, and avocado. It really hit the spot.

I still have some veggie soup left, so I am thinking I may try it again.


I still had some trouble with the hot cold thing yesterday. If I sat down and did little movement I was very cold, but even just standing up made me boiling hot.

A couple hours after dinner, when I was not hot or cold, I took my temperate and I was at 98.3 which is a tad warm for me, but I was comfortable.

Detox symptoms

I am happy to report, I did not have any low grade headaches yesterday. My runny nose dried up a bit and I had more energy. By the end of the day, I was actually able to concentrate on something.

I had no cravings for other food. I did notice that my fingers were a bit weak. I had to open a bottle top which I can normally open with minimal swearing and yesterday it felt much more difficult.

Well, Tuesday is day 5 and that will put me at halfway!!

Adrienne :)

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