Detox Day 2

Day 2 was also a success. I made it through the day fine without any issues. I was extremely hungry again today for hours. I pretty much could not be filled up again. I also had a strange craving for orange food all day.

My internal thermostat still could not maintain my temperature well. It seemed that once I woke up and started moving around, I was boiling hot. When I chilled out towards the end of the day, I was literally chilled.


Today was my first day of two powered shakes. I mixed both of them again with bananas and strawberries to get them down and I really enjoyed the taste. I still don’t think I can drink the powder by itself, but I really enjoy it with the fruit.

Because I was so attracted to orange veggies, I made roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions with rosemary and garlic and stuck them in the oven with some olive oil for a couple hours. I put it over brown rice, and topped it with broccoli. When I was finished eating that, I had a second bowl. I was still hungry but put off eating until it was smoothie time again.

I was still very hungry all day until about 4. I had another bowl of veggies with rice. I also had romaine lettuce with avocado, tomato, and onion in it. That tasted much better then I thought it would.

At 4, my body finally felt full. It was the first time since I started this program I could think about something else besides food. It felt great. I didn’t eat for the rest of the night and felt fine.

Detox Symptoms

I had a running nose most of the day and had a bit of a white tongue. Somewhere in the middle of the day, my middle back and neck felt like they needed a really good long rub. It did not hurt. It was more like tight and full of tension.

I felt a little tired through the day, but that is pretty typical for me after a long busy week. I didn’t need to take a nap or even lay down, but there were a couple hours where I was pretty happy to stare at a wall and not do much thinking.

I had another low grade headache again off and on all day. I barley noticed it. I was more bothered by having to blow my nose every 5 seconds. I was blowing my nose about every 10 minutes all day. I was not stuffy or anything, it was my nose just kept running.

Onward to day 3!


Adrienne :)

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