Detox Day 1

Well I finished day 1, followed all the rules and got through the day. It went well. By the end of the day I was starving and felt like I could not be filled up. Towards the end of the day, I also had issues trying to keep warm. I usually can tolerate cold very well, but last night, I was unable to keep any warmth.


The morning started off well. I mixed the powder with water in a blender. I tasted it and gagged. There is no way I was going to get that down. Thank goodness my chiropractor said I could mix it with fruit, veggies, or rice milk. I added on banana and that was no wear near enough to change the flavor. Another banana, ice, and frozen strawberries later, I was able to drink it. It actually tasted good after a couple sips and I found myself wanting to drink a lot more of it. Even when I finished up the smoothie I was still craving more.

Lunch came and I was having a craving for orange food. That has never happened. I had carrots and green grapes. I pretty much just snaked my way through midday on grapes. And the more I ate the hunger I got.

Dinner was veggie soup, brown rice, sautéed broccoli with onion, and a banana. I finished eating and still felt hungry and had small seconds of both soup and rice mixture. I was full but I still felt very hungry like I had not eaten at all. Every bit made me hungrier. I felt hollow. I forced myself to stop eating but I my mind stayed on food for quite some time.

I drank about 2 liters of water through the day. I usually drink more then that but today the 2 liters felt like a lot.

Detox Symptoms

My nose started running in the late afternoon. Around 5pm I noticed a low grade headache and it stayed with me until I went to sleep yesterday. I feel asleep easily and slept well.

I would say that yesterday was a good day. Let’s see what today brings.

Adrienne :)

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