Questions and Comments on the Power of Security

My last article The Power of Security sparked a few comments that are worth addressing before I move onto the continuation of this topic.

A couple people pointed out that people are attracted to security because they wanted freedom from responsibility. I see where that can be true for some people and might even be the ultimate goal for some.

Lets break this down. When you think about what makes you feel secure, what comes to mind? In my observations these seems to be most popular items people felt they needed to be secure:

  • Home
  • Food
  • Safety
  • Maybe a family
  • Money to buy the supplies
  • Acceptance
  • No major conflicts

A home, food, and money all come down to money. You have the money to afford this lifestyle or you don’t. If you need money, what do most people do? Get a job. Some people might start a business or some other sort of income generator. Either of these options requires responsibility.

A job requires you show up, do your job, keep your job, etc. A personal business is even more responsibility because you are not guaranteed a paycheck and you may have other clients depending on you. Regardless of how you chose to earn money, you then have the task of managing it, which is yet another responsibility.

A family adds lots of security like not being alone and being loved forever but also adds financial responsibility, personal lifelong responsibility, and is probably one of the biggest responsibilities a person can ever take on.

If we move outside of money, there are two major items that make people feel secure – acceptance and no major conflicts.

Acceptance at work, at home, with friends, everywhere is very important to a lot of people. Some people care a lot about society accepting them and others may only care that their family accepts them, or their best friend, or their cat. Regardless, everyone who has friends, family, pets, or just acquaintances has some responsibility to them. The nature of the relationship defines the nature of the responsibility. It could be anything from finish projects on time to feeding a cat or clothing a kid.

Living a life with few major conflicts adds to security because conflicts can change anything. A bomb, a landmine, a divorce, death, money conflicts, a new baby, and even a new pet can be major events and lead to major conflicts. It’s hard to feel secure when you have bombs going off outside your window or if your kid get sick you get fired.

All of these add to our status quo. If you have money, you can continue to lead the life you have been living with little or no worry of a downhill change. If you have the acceptance of your friends and family they are less likely to leave you, create problems, or hurt you. If you can mange the first 2, then many common major conflicts can be avoided, which helps build security.

As people move more and more into wanting to feel secure and safe, they move towards a status quo that includes lots responsibility. These kinds of responsibility are very common and add to the status quo of the life the person wants. The need for security builds responsibility. Security and responsibility builds status quo.

Adrienne :)

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