Living in Opportunity

Last week, a good friend of mine called, and he was so excited. He was close to bubbly with happiness and glee. After I got him to bring his voice back down to human hearing level, I asked what occurred that made him so happy. He said “I think I am going to get fired.”

I paused for a moment and said. “I take it we are happy about this?”

“YES!” came his quick reply along with much fast talking, quick scheming, and loads of laughter.

When he finally paused for breath (which, I assure you, took was quite some time), I broke in with, “Congratulations, I hope you get fired.”

Now, for a little bit of back story. My friend had started disliking his job a few months ago and made the decision he wanted to not work there anymore. I love running businesses, creating businesses, finding new market needs, and of course being my own boss. A couple years ago, I wanted to better understand where employees come from, what makes a good employee, what makes them happy or upset or mad or willing to go the extra mile. I found the best way to do this was to (gulp) take a “real” job. This was very hard for me, but I realized that in growing my businesses, I needed more and more really good employees and I needed to understand what makes them tick.

I just hit the 4 year mark, which means I have 1 year left to go in my search for understanding to the employee mind (which come to think about it, might be a great idea for a blog topic in the future). I have learned a ton, been promoted 4 times, and won numerous awards, but I still miss running businesses full time and fixing problems.

So while I work a typical job, I still run my businesses. My friend and I along with one other friend a couple months ago started a new business with a lot of potential and a lot of ideas. The issue was, all 3 of us work full time and have other businesses. This brings us to the present.

My friend found a way to get fired, without breaking any rules so he could still collect his bonus and some other benefits. He created a way to get exactly what he wanted. He did get fired, and now he spends all day long doing what he loves by working on this new business. Not a day goes by where I don’t hear about a new idea. All he could see was the opportunity to work on his new baby (aka the business).

Most people when they think they may get fired, the first emotion they feel is fear. Fear over money, fear of the unknown, fear of more work, fear of losing a house or car or being unable to support a family. With fear comes panic and anxiety along with a multitude of what if scenarios. They panic over what is to come and what they can do now to secure their future.

It was great to see my friend so happy and passionate about what he was getting to do. He couldn’t see any negatives because he was so caught up in his new found freedom. He is still completely entrenched in the new found opportunities that await him.

Every situation you are put in is full of new awesome opportunities you can take advantage of. Doors you might not even see until you take a step back. The world is full of doors, windows, and even escape hatches. If something does not work, do something else.

I love the quote:

“We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”

John W. Gardner

Everyday, you can change anything. The question is, are you willing to take the steps? Are you willing to take a look around and step through a new door? Are you willing to climb up, or jump though a hole in the floor? Are you willing to move forward?

Every situation and every new door has consequences. It is good to acknowledge consequences but don’t let fear of the unknown drive decisions. Take a step back and look at all the opportunities and then for go it!

Adrienne :)

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2 Responses to “Living in Opportunity”

  1. Jason says:

    Congratulations to your friend… hope everything works out well for you (plural, as in the three of you who are working together).

  2. phil says:

    don’t have kids!!

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