HIIT training update turning into PACE

A couple months ago, I mentioned I was looking into HIIT training.

From the moment I heard of HIIT, I was fascinated with it. The issue was, everything I could find online talked about using HIIT for body building with weight training, and I have no interest in body building.

My goal is to be fit, strong, lean, and up my endurance. I don’t want huge bulky muscles, a gut, or layers of extra fat. I don’t mind working out or going to the gym, but I don’t want to spend 2 hours a day everyday. My overall goal is that my body never holds me back whether I need to run a few miles to find someone, take a long hike, mountain climb, climb Mount Everest, swim in the ocean, kite board on vacation, learn to scuba dive, join a search and rescue team, repel out of a helicopter, chase after kids, try new sex positions :D , run after ocean waves, walk on the beach, or squeeze though tight spots on my hands and knees through a cave. I have a lot of demands on my body, and I want to support my body.

So I started using HIIT, but something about it was not clicking. I was modifying a body building routine to try and work endurance and fat lose, but I was not doing the long weight training portions.

I stumbled on a program that is HIIT modified the non body building type. The program is called PACE and had a book. I love books because it gives me something to reference and typically a full theory. Books also have the added benefit of reader reviews all over place. After a few google searches, I had read about 30 awesome reviews on the book and techniques.

I have finished reading the PACE book, and I am pretty impressed with the research and thought that went into the book. PACE is written by Dr. Sears and explains PACE from the ground up explaining his researching and why things work. But, as we all know, I like to test things for myself. Stay tuned for an update on my implementation of this and if it works.

Adrienne :)

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