Releasing Frustration Through Writing

Writing can be a great stress reliever. It can allow you to work through frustrations, find the root cause of anger, and work though what is on your mind.

I often find when I write something down, I can work past it easier. It allows me to get what is on my mind out of my system. Once I write it down, I am free to forget it. I know that I have record of it if I want to remember, but I am free to move past the feeling whether it be frustration, anger, sadness, let down, or pain of any sort. Sometimes I even find that in the mist of all my writing I have found the real reason I was upset, or found a solution to my issue.

If you are so inclined, the next time you feel overwhelmed with emotion try writing about it. Write about why you are frustrated, mad, enraged, upset, angry, or sad. Explain how you got to this point and what outcomes of your emotions have.

Sometimes I find it takes only half a page to say what I need to say, other times, I write pages.

After writing it all down, let it go. How do you let it go? I usually read it once and make sure I did not forget anything then I tell myself that I have it written down if I ever need it, but that I can move past it now. Some people prefer to throw it away or burn it. Others prefer to keep it. I tend to read it, save it for a couple days, and then throw it away. I find this allows me to “know” that it is there if I want to remember and in a couple days, I can move on and I don’t want it anymore.

In a lot of ways, this is like talking to a friend. It can be relaxing and fun and at the end of writing, you realize you have worked through your emotions and you feel better.

So pick up a pen and paper or computer and keyboard and find a friend in writing.

Adrienne :)

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One Response to “Releasing Frustration Through Writing”

  1. Jason says:

    I also find that writing helps to deal with difficult issues, but what I’ve found is that it usually helps me because things will come out, the things that are really behind why I feel the way I feel, and then I can deal with THOSE issues, not just the surface stuff that is what made me sit down to write in the first place.

    Though I find lately that I don’t need it often at all… perhaps because I have done it enough to get out most of the buried issues, or perhaps because I am writing nearly every day on my blog now, and that gets out the frustration, the need to express myself.

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