Being the kind of person who plays in the rain

What kind of person are you?

Life is full of unexpected twist and turns which can be seen as an awesome rollercoaster or an uncontrollable horror. Every part of every day is part of your life. You chose what you do, how you react to life, and ultimately how your life turns out. Every situation is an opportunity. Every event can be morphed into something positive. Every experience is one you create and interpreted as good or bad. So why not make everything great?

Fundamental different approaches to life

There seems to be a fundamental different way in which some people approach life. To some people, life appears to be inflicted on them while others take life and turn it into something amazing.

Some people play in the rain and others run for cover

Some people build snowmen and snowwomen and others grumble and stay indoors

Some people dream and others sleep

Some people wake up with visions of everything the day can hold and others hate to get out of bed

Some people live for the now and other people just survive

Some people appreciate life and others take it for granted

Some people live life and other die without every living

I notice watching peoples approach to rain is often a good indicator of how they approach life. The people who avoid the rain and grumble about it, lets rain detract from their day and what the day could do for them. The people who use umbrellas can’t accept and enjoy what is and must change it (even though it can be a major inconvenience) and they still grumble about getting their feet wet. Some people notice the rain and appreciate it for giving us water and they walk head high in it.

Of course, these are generalities, but the point is that how we deal with events, even something as simple as rain, reflects who you are.

My younger cousin who is 10 at the time of this writing to this day whenever it rains wants to go outside and do a rain dance. Now you can imagine who taught this to him :D and how much fun we have. We dance in the rain barefoot and laughing. We walk and talk down the street jumping in puddles. We live, we take the day life has dealt and make it our own. Not to mention that after a couple hours of rain dancing makes hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and reading out loud even more amazing.

Everyone changes the world, but are you changing it for the better? At the end of the day, was your day worth while or was it another day of drudgery? Do you live in the now – the present – or are you stuck in what once was or will be? Do you spend all day worrying about what might be? If so, change it. Take the time to live in the present, live your life like it is amazing, do what it takes to make your life your dream. Try living and being a player in the game instead of someone at home watching the game of life unfold on tv. Live, laugh, love, listen, smell, taste, feel, touch, smile, hug, express gratitude, and be happy. Now is the most important moment. Make the best of today. Make today awesome – make it the best one yet.

Adrienne :)

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2 Responses to “Being the kind of person who plays in the rain”

  1. Jason says:

    This is a great post… I usually see the positive, the potential, in whatever comes along, unless I’m feeling overwhelmed by too much of consequence happening in too short a time, in which case I sometimes want to pull back from the world until I can sort things out and recover a bit.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Jason. I know what you mean about needing to pull back sometimes to recover from the world. A lot of people pull back and forget to jump back in.
    Thanks for the nice words!

    Adrienne :)

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