Writing for fun

I love to write. Writing is a versatile solution for working out issues, releasing frustration, and problem solving. Best of all, writing can be fun. Regardless of why you write, it can be enjoy, eye opening, interesting, and relaxing.

There are many reasons to write. Today I am focusing on how writing can be fun. Once, you know it is fun, it is easily applied to other tasks like problem solving.

If you don’t write, sit down sometime with a pen and paper or computer and just write what you think. Even if all you write is “I don’t know what to write,” over and over. Eventually, something else will pop onto the paper or screen.

You can write:

  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Journal
  • Record your dreams
  • Diary
  • Short story
  • Flash fiction
  • Funny things kids do
  • Funny things pets do
  • Letter to an old friend
  • A blog entry :)
  • Lessons you never want your family to forget
  • Stories you never want your family to forget
  • List of goals
  • List of to dos
  • List of plot ideas
  • Plays
  • Screenplay
  • Movie ideas
  • Random thoughts
  • How much you love someone or something (ice cream on a hot day, the ocean, the stars, your kids, your family, your home, a book)
  • How you feel right now
  • What you see, hear, smell, taste, touch right now?
  • What it is like to do something new
  • A plan to do something (refinish a basement, write a book, have a family)
  • Life on other worlds
  • A list of what you are grateful for
  • Anything

Just pick up a pen or computer and write. See what comes out. I often just write as form of becoming conscious of my thoughts.

You can put a time limit on yourself, or a line minimum or you can just free write. You can set a goal to write a story, or just jot down some events. I love to write fiction, so I often find myself noticing or thinking of plot ideas that don’t work with my current story and characters, but that might work later on, so I write them down.

If you don’t like pressure, don’t pressure yourself. If you like a bit of pressure, then try a time limit. I know some parents who love to write logs of funny things their kids have done. They enjoy it and try to write something amusing or entertaining their kids did that they never want to forget.

My younger cousins (who are currently 10 and 16) love to make up stories about their cat, Kato. This cat has become a super hero, participated in national fart contest (did I mention my cousins are boys? :D ), built a pipeline to the sun (for reasons I have yet to understand), becomes InvincaKitty, and some how every day manages to put a smile on my 2 boys’ faces.

Writing opens up doors, gets the imagination going, and brings to present to the here and now.

Adrienne :)

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