Failing to try

Giving up is something I can’t stand. Failing is something I have and issue with, but never even trying is worst of all. So often people talk themselves out of something that could be awesome by such excuses as:

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money
  • When I lose 5 pounds
  • When the kids are a little older
  • After I buy a house
  • After I get a pay raise
  • After I get married
  • After I move

Excuses are just arbitrary reasons people make up to deal with fear of failure, lack of motivation, lack of action, and lack of self discipline.

Fear of failure

Sometimes you come out a head and sometimes you don’t. Practice tho will have you coming out a head a lot more then if you never try. Lets say, I start a business, in a couple years it goes under, but I learn a lot on the way. My second business now I have all that knowledge and experience working for me. If I win, I learned. If I lost I learned and can try all over again.

Failure is part of life. People fail to lose weight, get pregnant, find Mr or Mrs right, or start a business. Just because the first time you have sex to get pregnant and you don’t, do you stop? Live, learn, try again. Don’t look at it is failure but a unique learning experience.

Lack of Motivation

If you don’t want it enough, then what’s the point? If you are happy being 10 pounds of weight then if you want to lose weight you have to find a different motivation. Anything can be twisted around to give you a new way to feel motivated. If you are 10 pounds over weight but happy you might try the following ways to get motivated:

  • Workout with a friend and the person who has the least body fat after a month gets a prize
  • Be fitter then a your sister/brother/significant other
  • Train for a marathon
  • Find a sport to play
  • Join a team and play hard
  • Focus on money. Less would be spent in medical expenses
  • Fitter to live longer for your kids, grandbabies etc.

The workout may not be reasons to work out but will draw you out to be fitter.

Lack of action and Self discipline

Just do it. Baby steps eventually walk a mile, eventually turn into a run, and anyone who has watched a toddler knows that they learn to move. Start slow, start small, but start.

Everyday lay out a couple small things you want to do such as:

  • Stretch for 10 minutes
  • Throw out 5 pieces of paper
  • Add 3 pieces of clothes to the donation bag
  • Write 1 page of a book
  • Write 1 page for a blog entry
  • Say hi to one new person

After you know exactly what you need to do, do it. How hard is it to say hi to someone in line at the store? Say hi to a librarian when you renew your books? How hard is it to find 5 things that need to be thrown away? Throw out 5 junk items a day for 10 days and you have managed to get rid of 50 things cluttering your life.

Find the next baby step you need to accomplish and don’t go to bed without doing it. If you need to, reward yourself or force yourself to do something you don’t like if you don’t accomplish it. Rewards might include 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading time, 10 extra dollars in your fun fund, or buying a dvd. If you don’t do what you need to do, then the next day something you hate gets added to the list such as let your significant other pick the tv program, let the kids pick the music, take 10 dollars out of the fun fund, etc. Whatever, good or bad, make sure it something you care about.

For me it helps to write them down. I write a list of things I will do before I go to bed at night. I also add in a couple stretch goals so if I find myself with a bit of extra time, I know what I can be doing.

Here is my list today

  • Finish Perl script
  • Test Perl script
  • Write blog entry
  • List of 5 calls I need to make, all business related.
  • Begin working on a synopsis for a project I am working on.

My stretch goals today are

  • Implement the new program
  • Complete the synopsis
  • Make travel plans to Dallas (business trip)

So far today, I have done all the tasks on the first list, except finish this blog entry and start the synopsis. I have also got the business trip to Dallas planned.

Having a list helps give focus to my day and lets me see at the end everything I have done. I often put on there workout stuff, chores, business tasks, and even things like make a new acquaintance.

The big thing is, buckle down and do it. No one gets anywhere if they never try at all. If you try, you always learn, and often you do succeed.

Adrienne :)

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