Accomplishing Goals

Writing about goals and how to form them got me thinking. Lots of people make goals, and lots of people make good well thought out goals, but they somehow the goals just disappear into a never ending list of goal never never land.

So once a goal is made and thought out, what needs to be done to get the goal off of the goal list and onto the completed list?

In most cases Action. Do it. Put together a plan and execute it. Buckle down. Move forward. There is no way around this. Either a step is taken towards a goal, or it is not.

Using money as an example, lets say I have a goal to save 1 dollar a day. What can I do to create one more dollar a day. I can either reduce spending or find away to make an extra dollar a day. I can reduce spending by cutting out coffee, candy, cigarettes, fast food, gas, etc. I can make an extra dollar by finding change, adding an extra value to something during the day, starting a business, etc. Either way, I can save an extra dollar a day.

The only way to accomplish a goal is to take steps to attain it. It reminds me of a joke. A person is praying to God to win the lottery. Every time the lottery was pulled she was upset and depressed that she did not win. Finally, she asked God why he would deny her. God said, “Help me out, buy a ticket.”

Sure you might find the ticket on the street, or buy it, or someone might give it to you as a present. The point is, you have to get out there to make something happen. Life can be inflicted upon you so you are constantly reaction and on the defense, or you can take action and move forward.

Choice is yours. What do you chose? Do you chose to sit on the couch and watch TV or stretch and walk to move closer to your ideal fitness level? Do you create more value in your work or bury yourself in debt? Do you get out there to meet a someone special or stay home and watch TV? Do you take a step forward to improve your life or run away in the other direction?

Adrienne :)

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