Dvorak Keyboard: Brief Update

So after a couple months of using the Dvorak keyboard, I like it. The hardest part was getting the key finger stokes down. It was frustrating at first. It was like having to spell every word letter by letter instead saying the word.

I played a lot of online typing games to practice and now I type at around 30 words per minute on this keyboard. Not too shabby but that’s needs to triple for me to not be annoyed when I use it. I think I might write a program that is a game that is meant to learn Dvorak because I couldn’t find any good freeware or shareware for this.

The main trick was giving up QWERTY for a week. That was hard. Once I did this, I now find I can switch back and forth on the keyboards. Now, as I spend more time on the Dvorak, my typing speed is naturally increasing which is nice.

I keep practicing both keyboards because I don’t want to lose my ability to type on either. I am continuing to work on this skill of Dvorak, and so far I am glad I did. I know I try a lot of new things, but this was one of the most frustrating; however, it is rewarding and I like it. So far it is a mixed bag of positives and negatives.

Well, I am going to continue to play with it and hopefully I will see my keyboarding speed ramp up! I want to practice a bit more before I really levy a decision and give a lowdown on the ins, outs, good, bad, frustrations, and hopefully ultimate victory!

Adrienne :)

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