Everyone is Someone

I got home today from a long day. All I wanted was some water and a laugh before I sat down and worked on yet another project. I got both. I got water and sat at my desk to work. I couldn’t focus. I knew I needed a laugh before I could really work.

I tried to push through and began typing keywords in to Google. My Google bar suggests what it thinks I want even if I have never been to the site before. I typed C and the 2nd item on the list that came up was craigslist. I remembered I once surfed that site and found it entertaining. I thought maybe I would again.

With in a couple minutes I had stumbled on to the men seeking women list. I had many smiles as I read dozens of these. Men looking for love, sex, relationships, and some things I cant even define. It was not the fact that they wanted a female in their life that I found so entertaining. It was the avenue which they approached things.

There are:

  • younger men seeking older girls
  • men wanting to knock a girl up and let her raise the child alone
  • men wanting an BDSM relationship
  • lots of men asking for massages
  • a guy telling girls he has a trip booked and wants to take someone along and to turn in a resume of sorts
  • self proclaimed sugar daddies wanting someone half there age


Life has changed. I am glad people can express themselves. I laugh not because I am making fun of the millennia old game of relationships but the new tech spin that shows layers of people that were usually kept private. The internet brings down many walls people build around themselves. Many people who post will explain they are hot and want to got laid. If your hot and willing to lay me, I will buy you dinner and we can get to it is a common theme. I think that many of the men who post such things would never say such a thing to a girl in person. I know a few girls who like when men are straight forward about just having sex because that is what they are looking for too. There truly is someone for everyone and that is awesome.

Through these post I see anger (like the man talking about his wife carrying his best friends baby and all he wants now in an HONEST relationship), loneliness(people who just moved or never quite fit in), and sadness(hate begin alone or they have almost given up on loving someone). I see posters saying they want someone with morals, a certain religion, weight, height, race, a college education, and age. Some mention that marital status is not relevant.

More interesting is how the posters see themselves:

  • attractive
  • smart
  • funny
  • adventurous
  • athletic
  • kind
  • a gentle lover

All those traits are traits I like in a friend (well except maybe the last one since I don’t sleep with all my friends :D ).

You know how almost every book you read, or almost every show you watch, or almost every movie is filled with characters we love? We read or we watch them, and they become a person. I would be friends with 99 percent of the characters I read about. This carries into my real life as well. 99+ percent of people I get to know, I like them. I may disagree with them sometimes and lead a very different life style then them, but that does not change the fact that they are good people.

Everyday we pass by 100s or possibly 1000s of people. They all have parents, friends, family, stories, and lives. The person who cut me off or I cut off is a person. We go on with our lives, and you are the center of your life. We forget that everyone else is us from a different point of view. We are all stumbling to get thought the maze we call reality.

The only difference between a stranger and a friend is you took time to know your friend. Everyone is someone.

Adrienne :)

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2 Responses to “Everyone is Someone”

  1. Andy says:

    “everyone else is us from a different point of view”

    I have been looking for the perfect way to say that, and you beat me to it by about a year and a half!

    Beautiful :)

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Andy
    I am glad you enjoyed it.

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