Dvorak Keyboard: End of First Week

I have had a number of people asking for more history and references for the Dvorak keyboard. Here is some more info for those interested followed by my first week synopsis.One of the great things about his layout is that it is included with all windows versions. There are copious websites that explain how to do this; basically, it is a setting in the control panel. For more info, take a look here: How to convert your keyboard.

See a picture of the layout

Dvorak layout is supposed to be a great layout to do the following:

Increase typing speed

Increase accuracy

Ease wrist pain

The idea is the more common keys are in the homerow and the most commonly used constants on left hand. There are many tools available on line to show the distance your fingers cover when typing.

There seem to be a lot of evidence to show this is a superior keyboard layout. But as we all know, theories can easily be broken with common application. So how has my common application going?


It is hard at first, but I do notice my fingers do a lot less jumping all over the keyboard. Typically for me, typing is a reflex; I don’t even think about it. I think a word, and it appears on screen. Now, every letter takes thought. If I didn’t think there was something to this, I would happily go back to not wanting to bang my head against the desk when I have a lot to type.


I am off to go practice more. Hopefully, soon I will be good enough at to give everyone all the gory details.


Adrienne :)

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