Dvorak Keyboard Layout – 1

A while ago, I was researching typing programs on the net. I love typing games. I remember the good old days of typing tutor dropping letters from the sky and standing in front of the keyboard hunting and peaking for the key that matched what I saw on the screen.

In all the game searching, I came across a a few websites talking about how much better it is to use dvorak layout instead of the qwerty keyboard. This perked my interested. Many people claimed typing is must faster and much easier using this layout.

For those people who are not geeks reading this, the keyboard layout is what you are typing on. They keys are laid out in a way that says when you hit a button a certain letter or symbol appears on the screen. Well, when you change layouts to dvorak, you hit the “f” and a “u” appears.

Well, sounds interesting to me. I don’t want to learn awhile new keyboard layout, but I am willing to try it. Of course there are many “ridiculous” claims out there saying all sorts of things about the benefits of switching including upping your typing speed, saving your fingers 4 miles of travel a day, less stress on your arms, hands, wrists, and fingers, and a bunch of other stuff.

I did some research and it turns out there is a online place to learn how to do this (besides just switching your keyboard and banding your head against the wall in frustration).


So here is what I am going to do. I am going to practice the new keyboard layout for a couple days, then try and see if I can last all weekend without giving in and see how fast I can adapt and if I see progress in my speed and accuracy. If all goes well, the update I do for this experience will be done on a new keyboard layout. If not, I am willing to give myself a couple weeks to adapt at most… then I wonder I can switch back and forth at will… :D



Adrienne :)

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