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This is the follow up to Billy’s Questions.



Adrienne thanks again for your responses. You have given me a lot to think about and provided me with a nice exercise to take a better look at myself and what I want from myself and for the world.

At risk of driving you nuts though I have to admit I am still confused.

See unlike you when I wrote out my two lists they did not look similar. The things I wanted to do and enjoyed to do were all things that I couldn’t really see how I could make money off of.

The kinds of changes I wanted to see in the world included things like people being more intelligent, conscious, enlightened, understanding of each other, and more respectful of each other’s differences.

When I look at this list pursuing something like journalism or teaching seems fine.

My confusion comes in however when I look at what I want to do and I start getting more selfish in my desires. I start thinking about how I would like to do this or have this, and then it seems so silly to me to hand over my time to either a school or a newspaper or whatever.

I mean I guess it doesn’t really make sense, because I am hardly making any money at all right now and to be honest I am really not doing anything that interesting either, but I guess it just seems really hard for me to commit to doing something that I see as limiting to me.

I am probably being unrealistic, but at the same time it might be unrealistic to think that I can go work for someone else and do what they want me to do, for a limited amount of money and potential.

I really don’t even know what I would want to do for myself, but I know that I start to feel claustrophobic just thinking about going to do someone else’s work.



I am always happy to help Bill. It does not drive me nuts at all and I am always honest, often painfully so

Often the list don’t look similar. Look at my list, I like to program. But the changes I want to see in the world have really nothing to do with programming. My goal is not to create a new OS for the world (tho thinking about it, it could be fun ). I cant program food into peoples stomachs over the world or write a program to create world enlightenment. However, programming is something I like, when I do it, I am happy. I also make money at this, and that indirectly will help others and the earths which are my goals.

It is not a straight like to connect the dots.. Since we are all very familiar with Steve, lets use him as an example..

Lets go back 3 years ago before Steve started his blog. (again I am piecing this together from his post, I am not a guaranteeing he said all this verbatim). Steve knew he liked:
• Technology (he ran a game business).
• He did not mind programming (he programmed his games)

He knew he wanted to change the world by helping people by giving them new ideas. He wants to make people think. Disagree with him, fine, but think.

Now there is no clear path between liking technology and trying to give people new ideas… so he created one. He used his skills as a programmer to design a nice blog. He used his love for technology to learn more about servers, hosting solutions, shared hosting, virtually dedicated hosting, and dedicated hosting. Steve probably also looked into other ideas then doing a blog. Ultimately, a blog fit in both places. He can reach anyone around the world with access to the internet. He can do what he loves, write, reach and help people, and mess with new technology.

I see lots of things in common with your list. From the sound of it you like to read and write (I get this from the teaching and journalism comments). You like to snowboard. You want to create people more intelligent and enlightened etc? Do you see yourself as being intelligent, enlightened and conscious? Are these goals you are working towards yourself?
I am sure lots of people know the quote “be the change you wish to see in the world”. And it is true. On a scale of 1 to 10 how conscious are you? Intelligent? Accepting of differences? By working on those yourself, you help the world. Do you find yourself judgmental of anyone (it might not be obvious like dislike a race, it could be flippant comments about the rich, the poor, animals, hippies, painters, people badly in debt, smokers, drug users, alcoholics, speeders, rapists , killers, etc?).

Back to the lists. Here are just some ideas that cross the platform that can make you money without a boss, and without huge start up cost..
• An Ezine that’s focus is the changes you want to see in the world. Stories of people going out of their way to help people. Kids (like steve and myself and that kid steve wrote about earlier in his blog) who graduate college in just a few semesters.
• You like to teach, teach people to snowboard or something else you love to do.
• Create a website with daily stories of the good that goes on in the world. Of people acting intelligent and conscious. Spreading word of things like the free hug campaign.

That is just rough ideas thought of as I saw the list you wrote. Imagine how many more ideas are hiding in your list waiting for you to find? Think outside the box. It does not need to be anything anyone has done before.

You said, right now what you are doing you don’t make money and the work is not interesting.. Well look at it this way. In a year, no matter what, a year would have passed. Not making a decision is the same as making a decision, you chose not to act. In a year, you can be doing new things, or you can be what you are doing now. You can put off trying something new, and in a year, you will still be wondering. You also said “its hard to do something limiting” well it sounds like you are always doing something you find limiting, so you don’t have anything to lose by trying something else that might not be.

As to the mindset, the more you think about what you want the more selfish you get. It’s ok to want things. It really is. I am not saying you should live as if a monk. The problem beings when you put your happiness above others all the time. Ever been on a plane? You know how they give you that long talk about what happens if the cabin loses pressure. Always put on your mask then help those around you with theirs. You can’t do anything to help anyone if you start losing consciousness. Same thing. Its hard to try to help people (not impossible but harder) if your go to bed hungry at night. At the same token, once you have your mask on, wouldn’t you want to help others? Wont life be better for the kid next to you that you helped her? Would you just sit there, watch her struggle so you could continue to watch a movie or read a book undisturbed?

Let me ask you this, all those things you want. If you suddenly had them all, how would that change your life? Would you just want more? (think of kids on Christmas, you give them a bunch of toys they want, and they are happy and grateful but the next day or the next week they need more stuff to play with, but a kid with an imagination has anything whenever he wants it). Would having a new X, Y, and Z really change your life that much? Are you saying that material possession have the ability to make you happy? I will agree that having a warm bed, food, and clean water makes is easier to be happy. But do material things make you happy? If they do, then that is an issue unto itself. While getting a new computer makes me very happy, I am happy without it. I know I need some things for my business and to live and such, but most things, what do you really need it for? Do you want things just to want things?

On a side note.. I think one of the main pieces you are missing is passion. Passion for life. Passion for something, passion for everything. What are you passionate about? Once you find passion, true passion for one thing, it’s just a few steps to be passionate about everything. Without passion, gusto for life, or whatever you want to to call it, life is just a complacent time with nothing but occasional issues (such as money etc) that get in the way of being complacent. I wish I could draw a graph for this but words will have to do…

Negative emotions —-> complacent —-> positive emotions

Complacent people want things because things bring temporary happiness because they are not just happy with life. Complacent people don’t strive for much they want status quo all the time (these are the people that want to work 9-5 everyday or even better not to work. They want to go home, watch tv and occasionally sleep with someone (please don’t read that as everyone who has a job or likes to watch tv etc is complacent)). They have material happiness when they get something, but mostly they slip down from complacent to upset/depressed/angry/jealous/etc as soon as anything changes that threatens status quo.

Now a passionate conscious person (think of Steve, Erin, and some of the people on this forum, etc) setbacks are just that, a setback, a challenge. They don’t accept happiness form their situation. They just are positive and conscious regardless of outside stimuli. There are challenges, something fun that makes life interesting. Passionate people change activities a lot so nothing ever gets boring (notice with Steve’s blog, he often writes about what he working though, sometimes money, sometimes LOA, sometimes kids stuff, then he upps the level by launching forums). Passion comes from within. Happiness does too. Every emotion does.

Complacent people go thru life never really living it. They go thru the motions to try and keep a status quo, live in fear of someone taking that away. Passionate conscious people love to live and you cant take away from them.

Ok ok ok so that was a long side note.. but I thought it was relevant.

Hope that helps. Wow that is really long.. if you got to the bottom thanks for reading




Adrienne- You are a very helpful person. I greatly appreciate it. You really hit the nail on the head with your responses. I hope I can apply your advice and return the favor to someone.




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