Fruit: Week 2

Well this is the kind of week that definitely can push a person to cheat. However, I did not. I really want to do this for a whole month and see what the outcome is. It was a rather crazy week that included many early morning activities. I was on the road in the morning to go white water rafting, then I was up, and on the river before 9, the following day, I was up and back on the road by 9.

The hotel I stayed at had a nice hot breakfast. Full of items like donuts, biscuits and gravy (can you tell I was in West Virginia?), eggs that had been defrosted from the freezer, and canned fruit. I basically had a banana for breakfast and took another one to go.

I went onto the river with just 2 bananas in my stomach. We were rafting the upper Gauley river, which is class IV and V+. It was awesome. I found I was not hungry on the river. Lots of people who had eaten the hotel breakfast continued to yawn until around 10 then they were very hungry again. I was not. The next day, I had a couple more bananas and hit the road. Around noon I had a Maya bar and was able to make it back home without stopping and eating the junk available at fast food.

This past week, I was up a lot around 5 in the morning. I found I felt better if I waited until after noon to eat non fruit food, however I found I really wanted something else by 8 in the morning; however, I feel so much better if I don’t eat it. I wonder if this is a craving or addition to non health foods, or to routine. The only way I will find out is waiting it out another couple weeks and see how I feel.

I found I still need to have a snack at 10 of more fruit and a snack at noon since I often don’t get to lunch until 1:30 or so. I also found with a noon snack of carrots or something, I am far less hungry when I get hungry for lunch.

Donut Wednesday again was hard, but I just saved it for after noon. After I ate it, I felt a total 180. I was yawning, tired, and got hungry for lunch faster whereas I was okay before. However, I felt satisfied but horrible. How conflicting (and frustrating). Can I give up donut day? I will have to for a month when I try going vegan.

I noticed a few people asking me what’s the point of trying this. I am going to have to make a separate post to explain fully. But to make it very simple, I had 3 choices after I read about it.

1. Don’t do anything

2. Try it

3. Don’t try it and wonder if I should have tried it.

Since I like to try new things, the first one really did not even occur to me. Besides, what the point of reading books, and fining new stuff to try, if I just ignore it?

The third one is also undesirable. Odds are, had I tried to do 1, I would have ended up doing it number 3 because I would have wondered about it.

Because I gave myself the freedom to try this for one week, it was easy to commit to. If I hated it, I could just stop. But I would never know if I liked it, if I never tried it. Ever had something you were wanting to try and it never seemed like a good time? I had that problem for a while.

I used to read or see something I would like to try and I would want to try it but I it was just never the right time to make a life time commitment to something I have never tried before.

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