Eating Fruit: The week is over. End of the experiment?.. not so much

Right now, I still really like this. I don’t see any reason to stop. It was a little hard on Wednesday because it was donut day at work. I got my donut and saved it until noon. I felt a lot better not eating it (imagine that).

I think this warrants further investigation. So I am extending it to a month. That way, I can see any patterns, good or bad, that emerge.

I also did something I almost never do. I weighted myself before and after this. I lost 5 pounds, and I really did not change how I ate. Though to be very honest, I noticed that towards the end of the day, I did not want huge heavy dinners, I wanted fresh lightly cooked stuff, or soup, sandwich etc. 5 pounds is enough for me to sit up and take note. I will try this over the next 3 weeks (this weekend is white water rafting weekend, so I am not sure how easy this will be, but I will get to see how practical this is in my lifestyle). I will give some periodic updates.

I am looking forward to this. I think this has a very good possibility of being made permanent. I love that I don’t yawn all morning anymore. I left how fresh breakfast feels and that it does not feel heavy in my stomach.

Well let’s see what the next month brings in!

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